Living Your Natural Rhythms

There is something very amazing in surrendering your life to a natural rhythm. The benefits to you are found in a sense of well being that inspires you every day, even on those days that challenge you mentally, emotionally and physically. Tuning into your natural rhythms will help you to understand the source of those challenges as well as the best way to face them.

Tuning into your natural rhythms is how you connect with your heart and soul. It is the path to living a life of Joy! It is also the key to great physical, emotional and mental health 🙂

Who ? and Why ? I believe that each one of us, at one time or another, has experienced distress, fear, discomfort, lowered self-esteem and confidence as well as a loss in your sense of personal power, through one or many interactions with others. Once we lose touch with that power, we follow and then we miss out on a life that was supposed to be ours. We all carry the pain of past experiences and that pain causes us to contract. Contraction causes blocks in the movement of energy through our bodies and this leads to emotional and physical ailments. That in turn can affect our mental health.

Tuning into your natural rhythms allows you to connect with your authentic self, through learning to love yourself. Getting to know yourself a little better helps the heart to heal and be open to that love.

Imagine a life that flows from one day to the next, where complete surrender guides you and inspires you to be the creator of your life. When you understand that being instead of doing is key to allowing your life to be everything it can be and more, without having to win the lottery.

How do you find your natural rhythms? I have some ideas and in the pages of this website, you will find them.

I see a sunflower and I see the essence of our energy:

  • the roots that create a stable foundation
  • the stem that moves energy and supports us
  • the leaves that capture the warmth and love of light
  • the seed head, formed through the energy of the root, stem and leaves to create something new
  • the petals that express the energy of being, the energy of Joy and most of all, the energy of Love
  • because everyone loves sunflowers

Just like the Sunflower, when you are loved your energy becomes a prism of light that resonates with Joy. Your first and most important love is yourself.

It is through my love of nature that I tuned into the concept of living a life that resonates with my natural rhythms. Inspired by nature, it motivated me to teach myself more about living a healthful life and I became a certified Natural Health Practitioner. It is the dynamics of energy where my focus lies, because I truly believe that great health and well being are found through an understanding of our personal energy field. Each one of us is different.

How can you be your natural rhythms? Retreat with me to nature and learn about your personal nature connection; Check out Refresh and Ripple

High Five Retreat, September 2021


The Sun inspires us and the Moon mystifies. The Moon is our heart and soul, and many of us have lost that connection in trying to understand and meet a demanding lifestyle. That is the mystery to be revealed; your true connection to your heart and soul.

The Sun reflects its light on to the moon, creating the light and glow of the moon. Our Sun is our personal expression that reflects our inner moon – our thoughts, our conscious and sub-conscious inclinations.

When we are expressing the pure joy of living, it is like the bright light of the full moon. When we are focused inward and withdrawn, it is like the darkness of the new moon. Just as the moon follows these natural phases, we also need to follow them for a balanced and enhanced experience of life.

The Sun shows the Moon – we express ourselves and show our inner moon. What is the current state of your inner moon? Is it a mystery to you?

Grandmother Moon continues to guide all of nature and she intrigues us all – consider the feelings you experience when you see her smiling down from the dark sky.

We can create in the spaces of the moon’s phases – following its changing light and its placement in the sky to help us understand ourselves. Allowing ourselves to fall into a natural rhythm and be who we are meant to be. Tuning into Lunarhythms, you can shape and enjoy the energy that you are by understanding lunar influence on your energy.

You will learn the relation of the Moon to the changing of the seasons and how that influences your energy. You will come to understand the relation of the Moon to the Zodiac and how the related elements of the signs influences your energy and how following the lunarhythms can create balance in every aspect of your life.

Surrendering to the flow of the evening star to connect with your heart and soul, the essence of who you are.