Living Your Natural Rhythms

There is something very amazing in surrendering your life to a natural rhythm. The benefits to you are found in a sense of well being that inspires you every day, even on those days that challenge you mentally, emotionally and physically. Tuning into your natural rhythms will help you to understand the source of those challenges as well as various ways to face them.

Imagine a life that flows from one day to the next, where complete surrender guides you and inspires you to be the creator of your life. When you understand that being instead of doing is key to allowing your life to be everything it can be and more, without having to win the lottery.

Nature is our source.  Without it we would not exist.  However we have been neglectful in serving the best interests of Nature and there is healing to be considered and pursued, by all of us. Healing the wounds of Nature and the Earth can only happen when we understand our own personal wounds and how we can heal them.  Our personal rejuvenation is key to universal rejuvenation.

I found the power of my inner healing through understanding my energy, and that came about through ongoing natural health studies, acquiring an understanding of our inner energy and how it is transformed through our Chakras as well as educating myself on planetary energy and how it influences us.

This is what I wish to share with you, so that you can understand the benefits of inner healing and how it can inspire you toward rejuvenation, through shifting your energy.  As each of us heals, so will the world.

It is through my love of nature that I tuned into the concept of living a life that resonates with my natural rhythms. Inspired by nature, it motivated me to teach myself more about living a healthful life and I became a certified Natural Health Practitioner. It is the dynamics of energy where my focus lies, because I truly believe that great health and well being are found through an understanding of our personal energy field.

Are you ready to shift your energy and enjoy the benefits of getting to know you?

How do you find your natural rhythms?

The Elements

The Chakra Code

I offer different levels of personal energy evaluations:

PIE – Personal Identity Evaluation

PEX – Personal Energy Xploration

PED – Personal Energy Dimensions

Determining the level that is most appropriate for you depends on whether you are looking for some basic ideas about your elemental resonance, or if you are wishing to enhance your overall energy and/or your lifestyle.

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