A Natural Rhythm

Questions go unanswered and plans are on hold. School in our out? New ways to play. Safety measures are enhanced every day and masks are here to stay.

Our world has changed and continues to change in the blink of an eye.

What most of us don’t realize is that our world has been changing for awhile. Our outdoor world. The place we call home – Earth. Ongoing changes that we hear and read about, but for the most part we do nothing about. I find that heart-breaking! To think that we care so little for something that cares for us and that we need.

Each of us is no more or no less than this amazing sunflower. She thrives on the same earth, with the same air, nourished by the same water and blossoms under the warmth and love of the Sun. She has the power to renew, as we do, given the proper environment and care.

The gifts of our Earth Mother are what keep us alive. How do we breath without trees? How do we hydrate and live without clean water? How do we eat without plants? How does anything function without the fire and warmth of the sun? Air, Water, Earth and Fire are the elements of the earth and what we too are made of.

The elements of our energy and any and all disrespect shown to those elements is simply a lack of respect for ourselves. How have we lost the love, compassion and empathy that is needed for sustainability?

Nature has become a large influence in my life. I am always looking for a way to get outside and connect! The visual beauty of nature has called to me and has been my inspiration for self-expression in the practice of photography. The outdoors has been my place to build physical endurance and move my body; every day and usually twice a day I get out to refresh and breathe in fresh air. I walk whenever and wherever I can and it feels good. Nature has been my go to when I seek comfort and solace. Nature and the outdoors is where I find balance for my elements.

What frame of mind do you find yourself in these days? What is your level of energy and what kinds of self-care do you practice? There is a connection between our health and the health of the earth and it seems that both are questionable at this time.

As a certified Natural Health Practitioner, with a very keen interest in our energy and energy medicine, I have some ideas that I want to share with any and all of you who are ready to create change in your life; changes to help you discover ways that will improve your physical and mental health.

If you are interested in self-improvement and self-care where we engage in the principle that healing ourselves can and does have an impact on every connection that we have and that self-healing will promote and create a healthy environment and healthy earth, then get ready to tune into your Natural Rhythm!


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