Thriving is Mind over Matter

Have you ever stopped to consider what effect your thoughts have on your health?   Think about the last time you were feeling stressed about something and try to recall what that energy felt like and how it felt in your body?

More than likely you would have experienced a tightening across the shoulders and in your back, an increase in your heartbeat, a knot in your gut and perhaps some discomfort in your head due to a headache or a clenched jaw.

Now consider the last time you were relaxing and enjoying some quiet time where you had absolutely no obligations and you were lounging around with butt down and feet up.  How good does that feel?  all of those tensions drained out of your body and you are feeling so calm and at peace with the world.

When you are living your life from a place of peace and calm, you have increased energy and vitality. You easily express your strengths and talents and you experience your true value in your world.  There is harmony in your life and in your relationships wherever you may be.

You are thriving – you are experiencing a feeling of being present, fully alive and fulfilled. This feeling is your natural rhythm and is the key to a healthy mind and a healthy body.

How you think about yourself each day has everything to do with whether or not you are experiencing your life in good health and fulfillment or if you don’t.

Your mind is the one thing in charge of all of your experiences! Every thought that you have is a chemical reaction in your body and these reactions have either positive or negative effects.

Your internal state is a mirrored reflection of your thoughts and every cell in your body is affected by your thoughts. Your feelings are directly and deeply connected to those same thoughts.

Above all, it is your internal state that drives all of your actions, behaviors and influences everything that you do..

Consider this for now – start to become aware of your internal state in each moment of your life (or as often as you can remember to) and if you are not thriving, then ask yourself the question WHY?

……………and we will take it from there 🙂