Autumn Air

This is the last day of summer, 2020! A summer that most of us will likely not forget. Not for a long while anyway.

We are moving into autumn tomorrow and that means many changes – or should I say many more changes? 😉

Autumn begins in the element of air (from an astrological context) and October’s cooler days and nights are the first indication that in a few weeks things are definitely not going to be the same. We can feel the chill of October air, and we see the effects of her strong and not so subtle breezes, but how do we see the element of Air within ourselves?

We are more likely to hear it than see it; air is thoughts that become words. Air is also the space between our thoughts and words. Air is expressive and can be dramatic with the release of strong gusty winds that move us.

The power of the hurricane is a natural occurrence when warm moist air from the surface of the ocean rises rapidly, encountering cooler air and causing warm water vapor to condense into storm clouds and rain. It becomes an on ongoing cycle and continues to build as the condensation also releases heat. As this cycle continues, more warm, moist air is drawn into the developing storm and more heat is transferred from the surface of the ocean to the atmosphere. This continuing heat exchange creates a wind pattern that spirals around a relatively calm center, like water swirling down a drain.

Can you guess what the most relevant 3 words are in that little dissertation on hurricanes? Relatively calm center – that’s key to healthy energy; your healthy energy. This is something that we are going to focus on for the next week.

If you are ready to ripple in your own way, then make some time for one or more of the following (for as many days as you can):

  • sit quietly for 10 or 15 minutes each day, just tuning into your breath – releasing, relaxing more with each exhalation (and when your mind decides to go on that vacation that you had to give up this summer, then just bring it back and tune in again). Just breathe normal regular breaths, relax and most of all sit quietly.
  • walk for 15 or 20 minutes, somewhere off the beaten path or road if you can, and just enjoy the warmth of the sun, the air around you and whatever nature has to offer in the given moment. Be present and enjoy! I highly recommend walking in a cemetery if you have one nearby – the vibe is very peaceful and there are a lot less peeps than in a park. If you are able to get out on a nature trail, even better!
  • do both of the above, if possible. The more time you can spend just getting quiet and relaxed, the healthier your ripple 😀

Please also check out this page for some basic guidelines, as we embark on this current together.