What comes to mind with the Harvest Moon?

The beginning of October is being ushered in with a full moon!

While all full moons are unique and beautiful, the Harvest Moon symbolizes the end of another growing season. Her presence in the sky is as radiant as the Sun shining and sparkling on the ripples of water in a lake, or shimmering on all of the fields that feed us.

There is no question that the Harvest Moon brings light to the gifts of the Earth Mother and if you get a glimpse of her, then take some time to reflect on all of the good things that are given to us at this time of year (briefly setting aside the worries and the unknown of the pandemic).

We really do have a lot to be thankful for!

Upon the farmers fields she glows, a lantern bright and clear, You find a path and meander there, while hiding in shadows that fall so near.

She knows all of your memories. tales of long lost love and all that is forgotten, Casting her beams right through your heart, moving waves of tears and tide on the ocean’s bottom.

Lighting your steps in all of the seasons, an autumn’s eve of skies so bright, Her shimmer is felt in our psyche, her love revealing the mystery of cosmic sight. jn