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Video in Writing – Earth Day ONEDAY

If you could tell me something cool about Earth Day, what would you say?



If you could tell me that you celebrate Earth Day, what would you tell me?

If you wanted to share your thoughts on the meaning of Earth Day, what would you share?

In my studies as a Natural Health Practitioner I find the connections that we have to earth energy to be very interesting.  The earth and the vibrating energy of the earth holds the foundation of life.  We would not be here without it, and yet there is such a large percentage of the population that will do one thing or two every day that is harmful to the earth and our environment.

Earth Day was established in 1970 to inspire and support people across the world to connect with nature and build resilient communities. It is held every year on April 22.  Environmental groups have sought to make Earth Day into a day of action to change human behavior and provoke policy changes.  Groups and communities across the world host activities and programs to get people outdoors and motivated to connect with the earth and learn the impact of the human footprint and what we can do to minimize the harm to the earth as we strive to live in our high tech and industrial world.

I will not claim perfection with my approach to living with appreciation for the earth, however I do try my best every day to “live lightly” and do what I can to minimize the impact of my existence on earth.

The values of Earth Day and the approach to environmental health is what initially drew me into studying Natural Health.  They are tied together and yet the officials of Earth Day celebrations don’t seem to create any focus or awareness of how the environment impacts our physical, mental and spiritual health. Not to my knowledge anyway.

I am very interested in sharing some of the basic principles of natural health that evolve from our connection to the earth to anyone who cares to listen or at least would like to humor me!

As I have mentioned previously we are pure energetic vibration and everything that appears solid to you is actually a mass of energy that vibrates at different frequencies.  As I mentioned previously, you will need to keep an open mind to receive the information pertaining to these concepts on energy without doubt or suspicion – and so as not to judge my sanity 🙂

Energy frequencies surround us and run through us as the basic grid, meridians, chakras, the electrics, your aura and more. I like to share news and info on the meridians and the chakras in this upcoming Earth Day retreat, and I will show you some techniques to clear the energy running through some of these centres in your body.

The earth, our home and our bodies are very physical and they are connected deeply to your first chakra centre.  Through out the retreat as we move through different activities you will learn things like


  • how immune related diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, colds, inflammation and some viruses are linked to the health of those energy vibrations
  • as well as weight problems, elimination issues and problems with your feet or knees
  • the kind of foods that are beneficial to the health of this energy field
  • how the immune system of our environment and community is linked to our personal immunities
  • how our bodies, our homes, the comforts of life and our stability are impacted by our association with these energies
  • why our “place” within our family and community is linked to our physical health
  • how conflicted emotions create a barrier to experiencing thriving energetic and healthy vibrations
  • the impact of our belief patterns on these energy fields
  • the energy vibrations that we hold that are directly related to our physical being and how earth energy contributes to the health of those energy vibrations

Our experiences with survival, security and grounding are key to the health of these energetic vibrations within our physical being and environment.  The important objectives of celebrating Earth Day are the same objectives that contribute to healthy communities and healthy communities create healthy families and individuals.

I am celebrating Earth Day this year by leading a ONEDAY retreat where I will share awareness of the links of these objectives to our energetic vibrations – to our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Now if you think this sounds scientific or incredibly boring then I ask you to reconsider …….    This retreat is actually one of the most fun and creative ways to celebrate our connection to the Earth and is going to have you inspired and motivated to create at least one change in your life that will bring improved health to yourself and to our beautiful earth.

It will likely also inspire you to get out and connect with nature and the earth the following day after my retreat, which is officially Earth Day around the world…..and you will have a new way of looking at your contribution in making this day a special one.


Join me for relaxation, fun, friendship, connections, lifestyle learning, a tasty lunch and so much more on Saturday, April 21st to celebrate our earth and to celebrate our place on it as well as the privilege of our strong connection to it in our every day lives.

Join me for some interesting and inspiring activities that will allow you to discover some thing personal about you and your energetic connection to our earth. And if those aren’t reason enough, then join me to discover and learn how your energetic vibrations determine your physical health, your emotional and mental health and what part they play in your day to day interactions with all of the stuff that creates your day like your work, your family, your friends and neighbors and your home.

You will leave with a new perspective and outlook on all of the stuff that you call “stuff” in your day to day life.

Join me and the group of women who have already registered on Saturday, April 21st from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm at the Meikeljohn B&B in Harriston Ontario.

You can find more information on my website…..www  or call me at 1-844-595.5654

Seating is limited and registration closes on Wednesday April 11/18.  I can’t wait to see you there!  Have a great night and thankyou!



Video in Writing – Creating Your Authentic Story

We all have a story – those memorable moments in our lives that stand out separately however they come together to create our history.  They could be dark moments, fearful or emotional moments, or moments that paralyzed us and kept us stuck in a pattern that kept us from living life fully.  There are also great moments in the mix and those are the ones that you want to hang on to. All of the moments are who you are and who you are being  because even if you think that you have buried the memories of discomfort so that you can function in life – that is basically all you are allowing yourself to do is function.  There is so much more to life than that – and you deserve to find it, know it and live it!


Allow me to share one of mine with you – it’s the story of why I believe in my retreat Inspiring Spring!

It was the spring of 2014 and my life as I knew it changed in a very large way –  it was a mutual decision and my husband moved out of the house that we had shared for 24 years and our relationship of 28 years and left me alone.  Yes I do know that many people get left alone in their lives, however for me it was the ultimate in discomfort.


I first experienced that discomfort of being alone when I was a kid who lost her mom at the age of 13.  Alone grew to include feelings of fear and trying to grasp to people, situations and things that would help to diffuse the every growing sense of being abandoned and not having the support that I needed to help me create the sense of self that we need in life to develop into our roles as responsible adults.  Yes if you were one of the people in my life back then you may remember me as being that person who sought attention in inappropriate ways or who clung on to people and things with an overzealous attachment. This allowed me to fill that void I was feeling so that I did not have to confront the emotions of that situation in my life.


Basically what happened is that I brought a lot of that attachment into a relationship that was often the catalyst for situations that continually exposed the essence of the fears and emotions that I was trying to block.  Eventually I became exhausted and confronted the realization that the path I was following was destructive.  If I did not confront the things in life that made me feel uncomfortable then I was going to be stuck in the life of turmoil. A life where I was using the energy that I had to survive and it continually left me feeling depleted and worn out.  My energy tank was running on low and I could not seem to find a way to lift it. I often wondered how I had got there and what I had done to be living in that situation.


It was all about the choices that I had made – unconscious choices – but still choices that created a life of unhappiness.  I was always on guard and doing anything and everything possible to avoid that one step I knew I needed to take toward a life of joy, peace, happiness and freedom. My fears always made sure that I wasn’t going to do anything that would rock the boat and make me face the discomfort that I would need to deal with if I ever had a chance of living a life of being me.

Looking back I think it is interesting that fear was keeping me from facing fear.  Try wrapping your head around that one!


Well I eventually I became aware of a secret – and it’s one that many people have discovered – I am not unique.  It’s the secret that life will catch up to you and eventually make you confront exactly what you are running away from, if you don’t handle it yourself.  The hardest part of that situation is that life will force you to confront it on terms that are not your own.  It will happen on someone or something else’s terms and that means your experience will be something that you would never see yourself signing up for.  It will just come knocking at your door and if you decide to keep the door closed, it will blow it open anyway.  Trust me, I’ve seen it, I know it, I lived it and I survived!!!!


And guess what?  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I have received the gift of freedom and living the life of me.  I am being who I want to be and to be able to live authentically is the greatest gift of life.

If you are feeling any resistance in your life then you too may be ready to make a choice for change in your life.  Only you will know because there isn’t anyone who can do this for you.  However there are people who can support you through your transformation.

If you are ready to take the steps toward living authentically and living your life on your terms then join me.  If you are ready to tell life that you want to create a new story; one of happiness, peace and joy filled moments, then join me.

You may only need to make a minor adjustment, a few small changes or perhaps a large shift to get you where you want to be. Whatever it takes, decide this Spring to focus on whatever the first step is and allow me the privilege and opportunity of helping you do that.  Why?  Because of my own experience I may be able to help you avoid circumstances that may end up becoming blocks and hold you back from your aspirations and that is the biggest reason that I am holding this retreat.  To help you achieve this in a supportive environment.

Whether you are looking to let go of some weight, a habit or a self-defeating situation; or if you are looking to create change in your work, your home, your fitness level, your lifestyle or even your daily routine. If you are feeling stuck, then consider the value in creating this change for yourself.

If the thought of change is so overwhelming for you that you are telling yourself that now is not the time, then consider becoming aware of the possibilities. Awareness is simply that and allows you the opportunity to learn and become familiar with your options.  That in itself is liberating.  The possibilities in life are unlimited and unfortunately most of us have shut down and blocked our senses and our awareness to what is available to us.


Why retreat?  Because you remove yourself physically and mentally from your daily routine and habits and that allows you to focus on you.  It allows you to focus only on your possibilities and your options.  The things that could be available to you when you step away from all of the things that take up space and use your energy day after day. At a retreat your energy belongs to you and no one else and this allows a new perspective and new ideas to form.  A retreat is a shared experience and a bond is formed with the connections that we make with our presence there and this allows us also to learn from others and support one another.  We create very precious connections when we share similar experiences and best of all, we have fun while we learn and heal together.

Above all, the retreat venue is one that offers peace and solitude and that contributes to your sense of well-being and your enjoyment of your time there.


Every day we get closer to spring and even now we can feel it in the warmth of the sun on the mild days.  I have heard the song of the red wing blackbird and that is always a sign for me that it is just a matter of time.  So, as we move into spring allow yourself to become inspired to live your life filled with moments that are beautiful happy moments.  The season of renewal is the time to transform your story from one of “function” to the amazing story of “freedom.” 

Tell me, are you really living your story or are you avoiding what could be the best story of your life??

Join me at my Inspiring Spring retreat and together we will shift your energy and shift your life. We will create the steps that you can and will take to be authentic and to live life on your terms.  I cannot guarantee that you will do this without discomfort, but I can guarantee that you will be damn glad that you made the choice to do it!

March 17 and 18 at the beautiful Benmiller Inn just outside of Goderich Ontario. I cannot wait to meet you there so we can share this time to create your new story.


You can find all of the retreat details on my website;  – spelled:  N A T U R H Y T H M S

Email me at  Or call me at 1.844.595.5654





Inspiring Spring

As I mentioned last week, we all have the ability to choose what we want to have in our lives, what we want to be and what we want to do!   After we make these choices, we have to be willing to allow these things that we choose to manifest through the power of belief.

Henry Ford said “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.”  You have to be willing to detach from the outcomes and surrender to what comes up.  Rest assured that if you can let go of resistance and trying to control what happens, you will be pleasantly surprised.

I am not sharing this with you just for you. I am reiterating it for myself as well, because I have had a week of resistance.  Continually checking in with myself and feeling those feelings of “what now?” – “why is this happening?” – and “please not more of that!”

That is pure resistance my friend and it sends an energetic vibration out to the world.  The lower energy vibrations of disappointment and frustration will surely attract more of that. I am currently focused on shifting my energy through an Energy Medicine course that I am taking and it is helping me to gather myself and create a higher vibration to attract the things that I want – and the first secret to that is to believe that I already have it 🙂

What are you looking to attract into your life?  Do you have something that you would like to create? or change? or even something that you want to let go of?  How are you doing?  Are you making progress!?

One of the things that I love best about attending or hosting a retreat are the experiences of inspiration and motivation that we all (participants) create for each other.  The ideas that we share always help me to learn a new perspective and allows me to imagine things that I had not on my own.

And I always have a great time!

The retreat weekend leads to an amazing path of accomplishment while enjoying the experience.  It’s a mini-vacation and it’s a game changer in helping  you bring together everything that you need to and want to for the changes you want to create in your life!

Consider gifting  and investing in yourself with a weekend away to help you focus on what you want to create in your life as we move into spring. My Inspiring Spring retreat will allow you the opportunities to:

  • consider new choices
  • overcome the negative voices in your head
  • understand what your thoughts attract into your life
  • understand how your thoughts affect your health
  • let go of assumptions
  • create a vision to enhance your focus and motivation
  • learn some techniques to shift your energy for the good
  • start walking the path to change

…………and this is just the start!!  Check out the details at UPCOMING RETREATS!!

It’s an experience that you don’t want to miss!!


Finding the Freedom of a Former Smoker

Saturday, April 7/18  10:00 am to 4:00 pm

MeikleJohn House B & B, 116 Arthur St. E., Harriston, ON

Join me for a day of learning some great techniques to help you butt out for good!


Personal stress response and self-sabotage are what constantly hinder you from achieving a goal.

This workshop is NOT for you if you love your cigarettes and you have no desire to give them up, but 

Is your goal to quit smoking?

Then you will definitely benefit from this workshop!




This one day workshop includes information and exercises utilizing energy medicine and emotional de-tox:

  • discovering our personal stressors
  • discovering how we self-sabotage ourselves from achievement
  • learning the concept of Being what we Believe
  • what Hypnosis is and how it works
  • group hypnosis – meditation
  • creating a short daily practice for ongoing success

Workshop includes lunch!  

Space is limited:

Register by Tuesday, March 20/18 and your Early Bird investment is $196.00 + HST

Registration after March 20 is $226.00 + HST / Deadline is Monday, March 26/18.

Payment Plan


Back in January when we started our first steps toward Believing and Being you may have given some thought to what you wanted to achieve this year and any changes that you might need to make to get to that goal.

After deciding what you want to attract into your life – or what you wanted to let go of – I hope that you wrote down anything that you needed to do for your accomplishment.  I also hope that if you had some days where things were not going as expected, that you were able to focus on your Being and stay the course!

 So how would you rate your progress now that we are little over a month into this?  By now you should have a very clear idea of what your Being looks like and I hope you are also Believing that you can do this!  The Believing is what creates success!

This is where Choosing comes into play.  

I talked at some length about meditation and suggested how important it is to create a meditation practice in your life.  You can read this again to remind you why and for the health benefits.

If you have been practicing meditation now regularly you are going to be aware of the difference it makes in your day to day experience of your life.  You should be starting to feel that sense of calm – and of more importance – you will start to realize and understand the mantra “Let it Go!”

Once we calm our minds down we begin to see that we are much more comfortable with not always having to control every detail of our lives – and some of you may have graduated to the realization that we have very little control over the details of our lives, even when we try to maintain control.  This is a very liberating benefit of mindfulness and meditation. This is also key to Happiness!

How can you tell if you are a graduate?  One of the best ways to understand this is by observing how much resistance you are experiencing.  If you are feeling anxiety, stress, fear, frustration, anger or other “shadow” emotions, then you are still resisting what life is offering you.

You are still trying to maintain control.

Quiet your mind and  Choose non-resistance, choose letting go, choose how you want to feel.  It’s how and what you are thinking every day that creates your best life and it is your choices that create your happiness! Happiness is an inside job 😀   You choose the thoughts that you want to think and you choose what you want to focus on.

And then when the $h!t is hitting the fan you will start to realize that it is your perceptions and your thoughts that are creating that funky fan.  No one else is.  You are with your thoughts.

Your next step to Believing and Being is recognizing and practicing that you have the Choice to feel what you want and be what you want! Only you!




Thoughts become Things

Have you ever given much thought to the outcome of your thoughts?  If you looked back upon the thousands of thoughts that ran through your head in the past week or two can you manage to piece them together to see what they resulted in?

If we are in the midst of situations in our lives that give rise to emotions then we are more than likely to find ourselves getting sucked into a vicious cycle of distressing thoughts that create more distress that creates more distressing thoughts.  See what I mean?

The good news is that we can think ourselves out of this!

The even better news is that with some practice we can quiet the turbulence in our minds and learn to go with the flow. 

That practice is none other than…………Meditation or Mindfulness or Mindfulness Meditation 🙂


Once you get into this seriously you are also going to become aware of the other benefits achieved through this practice:

  • less intense reactions to challenging situations
  • less stress as a result of less intense reactions
  • lower blood pressure due to less stress
  • a healthier heart due to lower blood pressure
  • more energy due to a healthy heart
  • over well being due to more energy

Add to that list:

  • healthy aging in mind and body
  • weight management
  • athletic performance
  • prevention for mental health issues

Isn’t all of that worth the 10 minutes a day that it would take to practice meditation and achieve this balance in your life?

Those are my final thoughts on meditation!


Meditation is the Foundation

How is January going for you?  Are you wondering when we are going to get around to “the program”?

I’ve been asked why someone would want to start meditating when they are looking to quit smoking or eat healthier (aka drops some pounds).

The answer lies in the two words “new lifestyle”.  My “Believing and Being” philosophy is not about dieting to lose some weight, exercising for a few months and then ditching the gym (whether you should be or not) or swapping out one bad habit for one that is good.

My Believing and Being philosophy is based on Natural Health principles and permanent lifestyle change.  That is why I suggest starting by developing a meditation practice.  A regular practice will still your mind and create the focus that you need to hold your own.  The focus that will keep you motivated toward achieving your goal, whatever it may be. The focus that allows you to Believe in YOUR Being!

Meditation calms our minds and teaches us that our thoughts are merely thoughts.  Thoughts pass by like clouds and they don’t have to be analyzed and pondered.  The less thought that you give to a thought the better off you are.  Meditation teaches you that a quiet mind is the key to blowing out negativity and judgement.  That icky sticky mind snot that burns up your energy – the energy that you can use to create anything you want to in your life.

A noisy busy mind is often critical and judging and will zap the rap out of your rhythm and resolve for change.  It will tell you hundreds of reasons that you can’t do it, won’t do it and try damn hard to lead you to defeat.  It has happened to all of us and is the reason that people decide that they can’t accomplish what they have set out to do.

So, let’s do this.  Sit on a kitchen or dining room chair. Sit with your back straight – so the energy flows freely up your spine – feet planted flat on the floor and hands in your lap.  Close your eyes for minimal distraction. Now take a slow DEEP breath in through your nose and exhale slowly while allowing the tension to  flow down and out of your fingers and toes. Do that a few more times, then….

Breathe naturally and focus on your breath. Do not change your breathing. Just focus on it and let any thoughts that come to mind drift by like clouds.  No focus on those thoughts……just continual focus on your regular breathing.

Keep doing this for 5 or 10 minutes every day until you have a regular practice.

Yes!!  I did say this last week – and that was only a week ago. Not enough days in yet for that to be a regular practice.

Keep on breathing.  Keep on Meditating.

Keep on Believing and Being!! 🙂 

Expect ……………….

Start the day expecting good things. Go through the day living up to your expectations.  

Expect effective, sustained, purposeful effort from yourself. Expect kindness, patience, understanding, curiosity, energy and persistence.

Expect to run into challenges, and expect to successfully work through each one. Expect for circumstances to change, and expect to successfully adapt.

Don’t hide from life, don’t fear what the day will bring. Get a jump on the day by firmly setting your own positive expectations.

Expect to occasionally stumble, and expect to quickly get back up and get going again each time you do. Expect to run into a few disappointments, and expect to respond by becoming more determined than ever.

Expect opportunities, setbacks, joys, discomforts, distractions, inconveniences, delights and wonders. And expect to make the very best of everything you encounter.

I subscribe to the Daily Motivator by Ralph Marston and I received this message today. It reminded me of my post that I was sharing with you last week.   I am sharing this with you today as I really do believe that life is easier for us when we become aware and prepared to “Expect”.  I also believe that if we Expect wonderful things in our life then that is what we will receive.  

That’s not to say that we will never experience any challenges when expecting wonderful things – because we will.  That is what makes those wonderful opportunities and experiences so valuable. That is what brings meaning to achieving and receiving 🙂

I had the opportunity to spend time this past weekend with some wonderful women who joined me for my ONEDAY retreatA day of relaxation, inspiration and meditation. A day of sharing great vibes!! The primary focus of the retreat was experiencing different methods of meditation, which leads me to the next step on our path to Being. 

If you are following this for your own Believing and Being, then I am suggesting that you begin a meditation practice to help you focus on the new Being that you wish to be.

Simply start with 5 or 10 minutes every day (that you can) and sit quietly in a very comfortable area.  Sit straight in a chair with back straight and feet planted on the floor.  Hands in your lap. I recommend shutting your eyes to avoid any type of visual distraction – and then just sit for that time period and focus on your breathing.  There is no special breathing technique.   Just allow yourself to sit quietly with your breathing for that time. 

Keeping your practice to 5 or 10 minutes will help you commit to it regularly.  If you have not engaged in a meditation practice before then you will find that your mind will be busy with lots of chatter.  Just let your thoughts drift through like clouds and bring your focus back to your breathing.

Stick with 5 or 10 minutes until you are committing and practicing on a regular basis.  Most of all, enjoy this practice and and enjoy the peace and calm that you begin to feel within yourself.  Enjoy the newly realized focus that comes into your life and helps you to focus on and achieve your new Being 🙂 


Best Intentions and then ………..

Yup!  It happened – just as things always do when you are ready, motivated and determined to create something different in your life.  Something came up and threw you off your game – made a disturbance – left you feeling like you are attempting the impossible and that often leads to giving up.

It happened to me this week and it came in the form of snow,  snow and more damn snow!!  Enough to create some challenges in traveling which in turn created the challenges in achieving what I wanted to this week with Believing and Being.

However the truest form of Being is you, me, us in our truest most natural form. That natural form will continually be challenged by many things out of our control. SO, might as well suck it up and try not to let it get the best of you.  Roll, ride and ramble with the punches and those challenges and keep focused on Believing that you truly are Being!! (everything it is that you want to be!)

There may be one, two or many things in your life that you want to pursue – things that you want to bring into your life or things that you want to let go of that will allow you to fulfill your Being. That true you that you see at the end of the path of where you set out to be.

Did you have a chance to create that vision of who you are Being?

Hopefully you did – and now you know that no matter what comes up, your focus on that Being – and Believing in your Being is the first most important step.

When the $h!t hits the fan (or the snow doesn’t stop snowing) today, tomorrow or next week, stay true to your course.  There will be interruptions, but they are only a mere hiccup on your way to Being.

So until the next time,  take some time each day to focus on your True Being and get that vision front and center.  Then you’ll be ready for the next step in the process 🙂

ps It also helps to find the greatness in everything and I have to admit that all that snow did create a pretty picture!!

Resolutions or Revelations?

Happy New Year !!  on this blustery wintery start of the year – at least where I am sitting anyway 🙂

The time of year where all good intentions begin like the gust of a strong north wind and kick up thoughts of being 10 or 20 lbs lighter, a “former” smoker, more organized, more frugal, more generous and the list goes on.  And all of them are the very best of intentions and worthy of your best attention!

So how are you starting on this endeavor? Motivation and inspiration are key to achieving what you are setting out to do.

BELIEVING and BEING are the best way to bring about the changes that will reveal your aspirations, in whatever you are setting out to do.  Believing and Being are how we create opportunities and success in our lives.

Time and patience are also very important.  Real revelations come through changes that happen one step at a time.  Don’t rush yourself and be realistic about what you are capable of achieving either on a weekly or monthly basis.

Your intentions and ideals are more likely to happen if you approach this one step at a time.  

Let’s do this together!  I too have intentions for 2018 and we can travel this path together.  You may have different aspirations than what I do but it all starts with BELIEVING AND BEING.

First step – get a little notebook or journal and write a page or two on how things will look when you are BEING the you that you want to be.  Be as detailed as you can be – reveal yourself – see yourself as the true you at the end of the path of where you set out to be. 

If you are looking for some “coaching” with this then hang out here with me as we start this process together.  I’ll check back in with the next step in a few days.  The only thing to focus on now is BELIEVING and BEING! and writing that down on paper 🙂

Contact Me and let me know what you are looking to change in your life in 2018 and I will consider your “aspirations” as we move through this process: