The Cleanse

I am test driving a “cleanse” that I have recently read about to de-tox  my system.  I have always wanted to try this, however until recently, I could not find one that actually “invited” me to do so.  This one seems doable and I am about to find out.

I am a huge lover of food so I am anticipating “some moments”  however I will remind myself that it is much better than fasting.  I don’t believe that fasting is good for our bodies, as we need to keep ourselves and our bodies nourished with something – and something healthy!  Without food, our bodies stress and start to store what we do eat as fat.

My objective is to follow this plan for 10 days with 3 days of broth only (and the allowed snack.) There is a strict food regimen for the other days, however the recipes are pretty amazing! Here we go:

Day 1 / Monday, Feb 20/17

Today I had 3 cups of Chicken Bone Broth, 3 cups of tea (2 regular and 1 green) and the allowed 7:00 pm snack of a 3 cup salad:

2 1/2  cups spinach leaves – 1/2 a chopped red pepper – a chunk of chopped cucumber with a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed for dressing.

I am unsure as to why the snack is to be eaten at 7:00 pm but MAN was it good!!!  It was worth the wait 😀

Other than having fantasies about my daily fix of an oatmeal cookie and a couple of chunks of dark chocolate (with my afternoon tea) I did okay.  The broth is very nourishing and filling – I did not ever feel like I was starving.

I even went out walking for an hour and a half to boot so I was also burning up that good energy!

The plan allows you to have up to 6 cups of broth or 5 with the snack, and I found 3 cups was quite enough. I had them about 2 or 2 1/2 hours apart and that did the trick until 7:15 when I savoured every bit of that spinach salad.

I did not drink as much water as I should have but I didn’t feel the need for it (I usually drink a lot of water every day) and I was tripping to the ladies room quite regularly – so it’s all good!

Because I love food so much, this is actually teaching me to eat slower – enjoying that solid food like it was my last meal 🙂


Day 2 / Tuesday, Feb 21/17

Well today went very well and I have to say that the menu for the “non-broth” days of this cleanse is pretty amazing!

I did a lot of cooking on the weekend to get ready for this adventure and today got to taste some of the fruit of my labours 🙂

Breakfast:  1/2 cup of PC Frozen 4 Berry mix – thawed out of course! topped with 2 tablespoons of quinoa and a handful of roasted (and NON salted) sunflower seeds.  A pretty good mix since I flavoured the quinoa with cinnamon when I cooked it.  oh yeh, can’t forget my morning tea – always a treat!

SO now here’s the kicker – once I had that breakfast (recommended in the guidelines) I knew it was not going to hold me over til lunch.  What to do?  The author of this cleanse recommends broth for filling the gaps – or to amp up the veggie intake.  I did not feel like eating either of those at 8:00 am.  Yes, I am spoiled always getting to eat just what I want – that’s one of the perks of dining alone on a regular basis!

I indulged in a half piece of Healthy Living Pre-biotic Multigrain bread, toasted with some apple butter on it and it was one of those smaller pieces near the end of the loaf…….just sayin!  That really helped me to feel full.

I tell ya, I love food!!!  I need to eat some bulk in my meals and even though bread is a definite NO NO on this cleanse, I figured it could be worse…….right??  NO judging lol!

Lunch:  this is when I got to try the Curried Chicken that I made and it was REALLY good…..that recipe is a keeper for sure!  Also had an apple with a couple of tablespoons of non-salted nuts.  AND my afternoon tea……..that was okay and would have been perfect with an oatmeal cookie and some chunks of dark chocolate…….:(  Had to bite the bullet on that since I cheated with the bread.  and I really don’t want to cheat at all but I figure I will have to a little if I don’t want to end up like one of those dudes on the Snickers commercials!

Dinner:  Had a delicious spinach salad that was kind of a repeat of Monday nights’s snack, xcept I included part of a chicken breast (the size of the palm of my hand) and some pumpkin seeds.  I used the recipe provided for the Balsamic vinaigrette for my dressing……pretty tasty!!  AND a heart warming cup of green tea!

HOWEVER, I found that by bed time I was hungry so I had a half cup of broth before I hit the hay…..and it did the trick 😀


Day 3  / Wednesday, Feb 22/17

Another successful day and good eats!  Breakfast is going to be the same every morning since I am a creature of habit and don’t like to think too hard in the morning… I won’t bore you with the breakfast details again.

Lunch:  Had the delicious turkey meatloaf that I cooked up on the weekend.  Made with ground turkey and lots of chopped veggies, like carrots, celery, peppers, mushrooms and onions it is an amazing meal on its own!  I had about a 1/2 cup of peas on the side so it was really filling, along with a half an apple and a few unsalted nuts…..AND my daily afternoon cup of tea.  Warms my heart but my heart would be a lot warmer with an oatmeal cookie and some chunks of dark chocolate…….mmmmm.  No can do – its hard but I am going to do this!!

Dinner:  I was pretty hungry when I got home, so I started with a half cup of broth to take off the edge and then had another amazing salad with spinach, cucumber, red pepper, snap peas, chicken breast and pumpkin seeds topped with the Balsamic Vinaigrette that I made (according to the guidelines 🙂 )  along with a hard boiled egg.  Enjoyed all of this with a refreshing cup of green tea.

Ended the day with a cup of de-caf CHAI.  Its got just enough sweetness in it to give the illusion that you might be enjoying part of a cookie! 


Day 4 / Thursday, Feb 23/17

I am feeling great and down 2 1/2 pounds today.  I am not doing this to drop pounds but hey!  I won’t complain.  My incentive in doing this is to clean some sludge out of my interior “tracts” – so getting lighter must mean something is working!

Lunch:  Today I enjoyed another serving of the Curry Chicken for lunch with a handful of spinach thrown in and about a 1/3 cup of peas.  It was a little heavier on the sweet potato the first time around so that is why I threw in some extra veggies.  Not to mention that I feel the need to satisfy any type of slight hunger pangs today, since tomorrow is a broth ONLY day!  I also had an additional 1/2 apple to my whole apple which actually counts as 3 servings of fruit, so that was a little over the top.  Likely an attempt at keeping my mind off of that divine oatmeal cookie that won’t stop hovering at the edge of my brain.  Not easy to have my usual cup of tea without it, however better than no tea – no cookie!!!!

Dinner: Well it was supposed to be turkey/apple Fritatta however since I had pre-cooked the turkey/apple mixture on the weekend I decided I was going to be lazy and just threw a couple of whisked eggs over the mix in the frying pan and sort of scrambled it all up.  It was tasty but I should have been patient and followed the recipe.  I will attempt to do this one again the right way on Saturday 🙂  Served with a green tea, I now feel sated and ready for my second broth day tomorrow …………. I think 😉


Day 5 / Friday, Feb 24/17

Today was a broth day so what can I say?  broth, broth and more broth…….3 cups to be exact!

The highlight of my day (and no, it was not a cookie):

SNACK:  this consisted of a slice of turkey meatloaf and about 2 cups of steamed broccoli topped with a smidgeon of Blood Orange olive oil, with a cup of green tea. SO delicious!!!

I started the day with a cup of Chai tea since I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around having broth early in the morning.  I wait til I am damn good and hungry to have my first cup, which enhances the experience somewhat!

I had a few cups of green tea too throughout the day because it seems that the warm beverage is helping psychologically in some respect.  Kind of like comfort food (as best as it can get with this anyway 🙂 


Day 6, Saturday, Feb 25/17

After a day of broth you really look forward to solid food and you are thankful for anything. And anything is really really good!!

Again, breakfast is just a repeat every day, so on to lunch:

Lunch:  I thoroughly enjoyed a turkey sausage, with about a 1/2 cup of sauerkraut and half of a sweet potato (that I cooked last night in what was left of the broccoli water.)  soooo tasty 🙂  I also had a banana while I prepared my lunch and had my usual cup of tea as well.

Dinner:  I ate a handful of baby carrots while I prepared a large salad made from spinach, a yellow pepper, snap peas, cucumber, some grape tomatos, 1/2 a tin of tuna and the same Balsamic Vinegar dressing I have been using, topped with some pumpkin seeds.  Enjoyed a cup of green tea with my dinner,…….and I had a few during the afternoon as well.

In the evening I found myself sort of pre-occupied with that damn oatmeal cookie and I was feeling a bit hungry before bed, so I had an herbal tea with half an apple and handful of non-salted peanuts and almonds.  That seemed to do the trick!!

This experience is opening my eyes to the fact that I do have a bit of an addiction to that cookie and chocolate.  There are many times they are first and foremost in my mind…….not such a good thing lol


Day 7 / Sunday, Feb 26/17

Sundays are such a great day for enjoying that extra cup of tea with maybe a small treat (after a good breakfast) like part of an oatmeal cookie……just a piece or a half 🙂   But that will have to wait – 3 more days and I am going to be the next Cookie Monster!!

Needless to say, I won’t bore you with breakfast details.

Lunch:  I made the Turkey/Apple  Frittata that I was supposed to make last week and it was pretty good.  However the recipe says that it will “puff up” in the oven when it was ready and I did not detect any puffiness with mine.  The flavour was good but the texture was rubbery.  I have read that if eggs are cooked at too high a heat that is what will happen, so I will crank down the oven temp the next time I make this one.  I only ended up eating about 3/4 of it cause I ate a banana while I prepared it. Had a cup of regular tea with it.

Today I was feeling like I wanted more food – more carbs actually.  The author of this cleanse mentions the “carb flu” that usually happens around Day 2 or 3 of this cleanse so I guess I am just a late bloomer.  I decided to have a cup of Chai with a half an apple and a few unsalted nuts.   That did take off the edge until dinner. 

Dinner:  I had the rest of he Frittata along with the remaining sweet potato from the other day (not quite a half) about a 1/2 cup of sauerkraut and a turkey sausage.  All in all an easy and delicious dinner, along with a cup of green tea.

I also enjoyed a cup of herbal tea shortly before bed while I considered eating some more nuts to “top up” before tomorrow’s amazing day of broth, however I wasn’t hungry and that’s not  a habit I really want to start now (eating when not hungry.)


Day 8 / Monday, Feb 27/17

Well other than the beautiful weather that we had today, the most exciting thing about today is that it is my final broth day! A cause for celebration to be sure 🙂

The other exciting thing was my snack at the end of the day (after 3 cups of broth at different intervals and a cup of tea.)

Snack:  I had about 8 baby carrots along with a cup of the delicious curry chicken that I enjoyed last week.  I included a handful of spinach that I threw in the curry mix. I eat as much spinach as possible which is quite easy to do when adding to a hot dish or even to hot veggies! I also chopped up a small red pepper that was starting to get a bit wrinkly into fine pieces and added it.  Veggie UP!  and a cup of green tea too of course!!


Day 9 / Tuesday, Feb 28/17

Well I am getting close to the end of my cleanse and with no more broth days it is very tempting to start cheating now, but I will try my best not to.  I have lost 3 pounds and I believe that is reasonable, and it will be interesting to see if they cleansed away or if they have just slipped away for a few days.  Time will tell.

Breakfast – same as last week 🙂

Lunch:  I started with my apple and a few un-salted nuts, followed by a cup of chili with lots of beans and a great cup of tea. I had thrown in a handful of spinach into my chili for some added umpf. pretty good stuff!  

Dinner: I enjoyed a really great salad made from spinach, cucumber, yellow pepper, snap peas, grape tomato, pumpkin seeds and chicken breast.  Topped with an organic vinaigrette, it was amazing!  Had a cup of green tea with it and it was very satisfying 🙂

Had to go out for a meeting so did not even have my evening tea. one more day!


Day 10 / Wednesday, Mar 1/17

Well today I actually had the same breakfast and same lunch as yesterday……keeping it simple as I draw this gig to a close!

Supper:  almost the same as well, I enjoyed a chicken wrap made with my home made hummus, spinach, cucumber, chopped pickle (which is cheating cause no picks allowed!) some yellow pepper and chicken breast.  Along with my green tea, it was pretty yummy!

Yes, I realized after the wrap that I should not have indulged in the pickles, but oh well, what the hell!  

Overall it was a new experience – I eat fairly well most of the time so it is hard to say how much “inner cleaning” my body experienced as I didn’t experience anything significant.  I usually feel really great with lots of energy and since usually one of the main reasons you would sign up for this is to get “energized and lighter” it is hard for me to tell what effect this had. I am sure there are benefits that I will realize in coming weeks and months 🙂

One thing that has come out of this is a book of recipes written by the same author incorporating the bone broth into our daily cooking.  I have ordered it and look forward to sharing it with you!…….oh yeh, one more thing.  I chew slower now too 😀