Spring Equinox

Even though it felt like we had reached spring on some days in February, it has officially arrived today.

It’s a special day because it signifies that it won’t be long before we are back outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine and wonderful warm weather that spring and summer bring.


I love all the seasons however I really enjoy the edge of spring and watching Mother Nature bring everything back to bud and bloom as well as the wildlife families welcome their new little ones to their “flocks.”

The sun brings the active growing cycle, so get ready to actively plant your garden (internally & externally) and your desires.

For the Spring Equinox – Fire creates the passion needed for your plans to burst forth from their seed form.  As the solar force, it demonstrates yin/yang  in the turning of day into night and night into day. The sun teaches you to balance your active, outward moving, daylight energy with the cool, restful, and reflective energy of the evening.   Balance is always the key isn’t it?

And on the topic of Balance…..Since the equinox represents light and dark in perfect balance, it provides you with an opportunity to bring balance to your life.

Now is the time to take stock of your life and see where balance is needed.  With balance comes harmony.


Suggestions for Spring Equinox manifesting:

  • Honour Spring Equinox by spending the day mindfully balancing activity to passive time.
  • Do anything that is fun to you and that gets your energy moving.
  • Put your passion to work towards any of your goals.
  • Express gratitude.
  • Visualize, feel & want your plan – then turn your plan over to the Universe and give thanks.  We may be surprised in which form our plan manifests.

However you decide to celebrate Spring and all of its wonders, I hope that this season allows you to bring your inner fires and outer desires together to create the best of life for you in every way!!

reference:  ancestral energy.com