Shafted by the Sugar Daddy!

Well I have to admit that the IPM last week was an interesting experience. With the torrential rains on Tuesday a mud bath was yours for the taking.  I skated out of the IPM with nothing on my feet but plastic grocery bags.  They actually worked quite well!

However then came the heat wave and boy it was hot in those Exhibitor tents!  The crowds were thinner than anticipated (from the exhibitors point of view) Saturday  with the humidity causing some pretty unbearable temps.

It was pretty hard to promote feelings of wellness, great energy and good health when I felt like a bouquet of wilted flowers – and likely smelled worse!

However I did have some people who have already bought into the concept, congratulate me on my ideas and my approach to helping people get healthy.  One woman from Colorado thanked me and told me that I had a big job ahead of me because she has never seen so many unhealthy people in one place.  Sadly she was not lying.

I observed the hundreds of people walking the grounds over the event and the one thing I noticed is how heavy  so many of those people are.  I am not saying this to judge the many individuals who struggle with their weight – I am saying this as someone who wants to help these people understand their situation.  In order to be helpful, there is going to have be some honesty.

the situation is:  We have been SHAFTED by the Sugar Daddy!!  That big corporate Sugar Daddy who has decided that real food is not important.  The  Sugar Daddy who is profiting by processing some wheat, some fats and a lot of sugar and convincing people that they are buying food.  That Sugar Daddy who doesn’t care that his products are one of the major reasons we have an over-burdened health care system – and that his so called food (which is not real food) is creating an obesity epidemic beyond measure.

Most alcoholics know that they have an addiction – and the majority of those who use drugs will also admit when they are overdoing it.  There are programs ready to help them when they are ready to help themselves.

Now it’s a completely different story when we start considering sugar addictions.  The vast majority who are hooked don’t even know that they are, so how on earth can they begin to take the steps to resolve the situation?

I am not perfect and I have my own sugar habit going on – HOWEVER – I have had the good fortune of learning the Sugar Daddy’s deal and the ramifications.  That knowledge has allowed me to make a choice – and I choose to eat real food 90% of the time.

I am not saying this to come off as high and mighty. I am saying this to those of you who have an interest in knowing.  You deserve the same opportunity of knowledge that I have had the privilege of acquiring to make informed choices about real food, fake food and sugar.

It’s time we give the Sugar Daddy the SHAFT!!