Dark and SAD

Okay!!  so my evening drive home has taken on a totally new dimension as I drive into the sun setting at 5:15 pm!!

As we move into these days of less sunshine and more stars, there are many of us who slide down the slippery slope of SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I am sure most of you are aware of the implications of this dis-order where someone who is relatively healthy in mind, body and spirit will experience mood swings and depression due to the lack of natural light in their lives.  Which of course, is what is happening this time of year.

From an energy perspective, there is a tendency to a lack of motivation and a change in emotions from general well-being and happiness to frustration, sadness and perhaps anxiety.

In the next few months I will introduce some ideas for amping up your energy levels that should include something for everyone.  For those of you who are feeling SAD.

For this week I’m keeping it simple 🙂  Just a little info on the natural daily rhythms of our energy cycles.   Throughout the day our energy typically follows a pattern like this:

  • low upon waking
  • higher toward noon and early afternoon
  • declining mid afternoon (about the time you get a craving for sugar)
  • maybe a slight rise in early evening and then a continual decline until you go to bed

It’s perfectly natural for your energy to ebb and flow so once you have this basic understanding, you can stop feeling like something is wrong with you when you’re energy is feeling low.

So when you’re racing around all day but this ball flies right by you, no worries!!

Keep at it but respect your personal energy limitations!