Back in January when we started our first steps toward Believing and Being you may have given some thought to what you wanted to achieve this year and any changes that you might need to make to get to that goal.

After deciding what you want to attract into your life – or what you wanted to let go of – I hope that you wrote down anything that you needed to do for your accomplishment.  I also hope that if you had some days where things were not going as expected, that you were able to focus on your Being and stay the course!

 So how would you rate your progress now that we are little over a month into this?  By now you should have a very clear idea of what your Being looks like and I hope you are also Believing that you can do this!  The Believing is what creates success!

This is where Choosing comes into play.  

I talked at some length about meditation and suggested how important it is to create a meditation practice in your life.  You can read this again to remind you why and for the health benefits.

If you have been practicing meditation now regularly you are going to be aware of the difference it makes in your day to day experience of your life.  You should be starting to feel that sense of calm – and of more importance – you will start to realize and understand the mantra “Let it Go!”

Once we calm our minds down we begin to see that we are much more comfortable with not always having to control every detail of our lives – and some of you may have graduated to the realization that we have very little control over the details of our lives, even when we try to maintain control.  This is a very liberating benefit of mindfulness and meditation. This is also key to Happiness!

How can you tell if you are a graduate?  One of the best ways to understand this is by observing how much resistance you are experiencing.  If you are feeling anxiety, stress, fear, frustration, anger or other “shadow” emotions, then you are still resisting what life is offering you.

You are still trying to maintain control.

Quiet your mind and  Choose non-resistance, choose letting go, choose how you want to feel.  It’s how and what you are thinking every day that creates your best life and it is your choices that create your happiness! Happiness is an inside job 😀   You choose the thoughts that you want to think and you choose what you want to focus on.

And then when the $h!t is hitting the fan you will start to realize that it is your perceptions and your thoughts that are creating that funky fan.  No one else is.  You are with your thoughts.

Your next step to Believing and Being is recognizing and practicing that you have the Choice to feel what you want and be what you want! Only you!