Now is Your Time – Vitamin B12

If you are feeling tired and lacking motivation or energy, Vitamin B12 may help you to get back in your game.  It plays a vital role in aiding your body in producing red blood cells, which are an important link to circulating oxygen through-out our bodies as well as in preventing anemia.

A deficiency in B12 may also contribute to a decrease in serotonin production which can cause feelings of depression.  There are many of us who may be exhibiting signs of depression throughout this month of December.  Not only have we been exposed to very little sunshine, it is also a month where everything can get stretched too thin, if we allow it.  Not enough sleep, not enough healthy food (replaced by party food and overeating) and not enough time to get out for a walk or an activity that will boost endorphins, the brain chemicals that transmit electrical signals within your nervous system.

If your diet is high in produce you may not be getting the B12 that you need for optimum health. The natural source of  B12 is found in animal products such as meat, organ meat, eggs, cheese, milk, tuna, salmon and soy products.

During this month of crazy and spontaneous eating, give some thought to how you might be feeling and if are low in energy, feeling drained and tired then think about gifting yourself with some good nutritional sources of vitamin B12.

Consider a supplement if you feel your diet is not going to provide the B12 that your body requires, after consulting with your doctor or nurse practitioner.