The Ultimate Gift to You!


You are here now because:

  • something has changed in your life and you are looking for solutions
  • you or someone close to you may be dealing with health issues, or a diagnoses that you are looking for support with
  • you have shared the undesirable experience of grave illness with a friend or family member
  • you know that one of the above is inevitable if you don’t make some changes in your lifestyle
  • you simply just want to feel better, inside and out

You are taking the first step in discovering your right to amazing health and  it’s the greatest gift that you are ever going to give yourself 🙂


If you are someone who is dealing with illness now, you may be feeling anything and everything EXCEPT receiving or giving yourself any type of gift – however now is the time when you most deserve it. 

I want you to know right away that you are not alone with this and I consider it a privilege to get to know you better and to offer the support to you that I can.

Opening yourself to serious life changes can be overwhelming and I am offering you a safe and supportive environment to deal with the path you have found yourself on or the path you wish to take.

Why Retreat?

  • you take yourself away from your daily routine and habits
  • allows you to focus on you and the changes you wish to make without having to share your energy with other concerns
  • the intimate experience allows a new perspective
  • we learn from others and connect with others and we share similar experiences with them
  • enjoy the solitude and peace of the retreat venue and have some fun while learning and healing!


For you, or for those who are seeking lifestyle changes to eat better, sleep better, feel better, weigh less, DE-stress and prevent illness I invite you to join me;  Retreat with me for one weekend to experience a lifetime of change!

It’s the Ultimate Gift to You!











Hi! I am Janice Norley and I am a Natural Health Practitioner and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. I help you to explore, understand and manage your energy to rediscover your true self. Through retreats, workshops and one on one consultations, together we enhance your daily health and lifestyle while also connecting with nature and the benefits of a fun and relaxing approach to shifting your energy.