Inspiring Party Master


Are you looking for a new idea for your next corporate huddle or team gathering?

Are you someone who likes to organize parties or get togethers for friends and family?

Are you the type of person who enjoys weekends away and making connections?

If you are, I would love to meet you!  You are likely a very inspiring person and someone who people love to be around 🙂


You are that someone who I would love to “retreat” with, and if you feel the same way, then I have a great deal for you!


If you know a group of 6 to 10 people who are looking for someone to facilitate an event or gathering and you are ready to retreat with the group, you are at the right place!   

Whether you are considering the benefits of my LITE retreat, you have your own agenda or would like to combine the two, I will put together all of the details of the perfect retreat for you!  One day, one night or two, we can create the outcome that delivers on SUCCESS and FUN for your event.

……….and if you have already talked them into registering for this fantastic weekend (or plan on it in the near future), then you will attend for free because you are an Inspiring Party Master!

  • great venues from that special cottage on the lake to the warm and inviting B&B mansion
  • delicious meals and snacks that are healthy and tasty
  • the elements of nature lend themselves to every great retreat through outdoor walks on trails and beaches
  • creating the right space for the focus of your retreat whether it be a bonding, learning or entertaining experience
  • your investment is priced accordingly

Consider presenting the LITE retreat to friends as a great idea for a weekend getaway  that is that and Much MORE!  Maybe you are close with your siblings and you often plan weekends away together to reconnect.  Bring your group together for a fun and Informative day or weekend!

Let’s talk about your next amazing weekend away!  We will both be there so we have some planning to do 🙂 



We are not outside of nature; we are part of it. David Suzuki