Corporate Retreats and Workshops

Meditation – a one day retreat where I share the benefits, various methods and practice of Mindfulness Meditation.  Pursuing a regular meditation practice has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety, enhance the ability to focus and improve physical health as well.

Nutrition and Weight Management – this can be a weekend retreat or a group support program done over several weeks. I provide information on creating change and improving eating habits for high energy and enhanced physical and mental health.  I embrace “we are what we eat” and help people to understand how good and healthy food creates good and healthy fuel for our bodies to perform at peak performance.  Depending on the current state of the participant, weight loss is one benefit of this program, along with enhanced mental and physical performance in daily life.

Stop Smoking – a one day retreat or a group support program that addresses the discomfort that arises when a person decides to stop smoking and steps to take to create the motivation to quit and stick with it.  Group hypnosis is part of this program, however optional (may not be embraced by all participants.)

Nature and Energy Connections – a weekend retreat that introduces the concepts of our connection to the natural world by exploring the four elements (fire, earth, water and air) and the 7 prominent energy centres in our body, also known as chakras.  This is more of a spirit focused program, however includes information on how the elements and the energy of our chakra centres affect our health and well being.

“What If” It All Goes Right? / Vision Board – a weekend retreat or weekly group program designed to inspire action when you are feeling stuck and the possibilities of moving forward seem non-existent. A step by step discovery process that allows the experience of motivation, prosperity, possibility and peace into every area of life. Based on the program designed by Mindy Audlin that is used in colleges, businesses and beyond to assist participants to elevate their mindset and put them on course to understanding that there is a way to achieve whatever you wish, regardless of current circumstances. Participants create a Vision Board to assist them in keeping focused on manifesting their goals and dreams.

These retreats and workshops offer a learning experience that is both fun and informative and will inspire and motivate your employees to consider new possibilities in their lives!

I am very interested in working with you and your team in presenting these concepts to your employees. The benefits are numerous to your company and to those who participate in retreats and workshops:

  • Healthier lifestyle in mind, body and spirit
  • Increase in self-confidence and self esteem
  • An opportunity to bond with other employees facilitating enhanced communications
  • Creating synergies toward team building and achieving company goals
  • Renewed energy, inspiration and motivation for everyone
  • A shared experience that is enjoyed by all is a great way to show appreciation to employees
  • Employee loyalty and retention
  • Increased productivity

Is it time for you to Retreat with your staff?  Contact me:

Hi! I am Janice Norley and I am a Natural Health Practitioner and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. I help you to explore, understand and manage your energy to rediscover your true self. Through retreats, workshops and one on one consultations, together we enhance your daily health and lifestyle while also connecting with nature and the benefits of a fun and relaxing approach to shifting your energy.