The Challenge of the CHAKRAS

I know I do a lot of chatter about our Chakras and there are some people who aren’t sure what I might be talking about – and that is OK!   Not everyone has had that opportunity where your Chakras were the main event 🙂

For those who wish to know more, here’s some of the scoop:

Our Chakras are energy processing centers that form in a vertical column in our bodies from the tail of our spine to the crown of our heads. There are seven main Chakras and those are the ones that I focus on in my posts, videos and retreats.

Each Chakra processes the energies that we attract and project and the underlying energies are formed largely from our actions in day to day life.  Particularly through our interactions with others and in our relationships.

Each day we share time with family, co-workers and friends and each interaction is an exchange of energy.  Incoming energy will flow through your Chakras and if all is well and you are not holding any blocked energy, then your interactions will be satisfying, effective and rewarding. 

Added to the mix is the fact that our energetic vibrations are a product of the stars, along with who we are (or who we consider we are), what we do and even what we eat and drink.  Its all energy and its all got its rightful place within our body, mind and spirit.

Then there is our energetic past that gets added to the mix and if you have experienced any or a lot of disturbance or disruption in your energetic field due to past hurts, fears or turmoil then you could be holding blocks that inhibit your Chakras from processing energy in a productive way.

More often than not, the hurts that we experience cause us to “create” internal emotional vows where we swear (out loud or subconsciously) that we will never allow that experience to happen to us again – and PRESTO! we have created a block in one or more of our Chakras.  Emotions and feelings are tied to Chakra 2 so you can only imagine how much of the population are dealing with blocked Chakras.

When you are holding blocked energy then you automatically resist some or a lot of the  incoming energies and this can lead to mis-communications, misunderstandings and a lot of hurt feelings AND this is only one example.

Its sounds complicated, yucky and NOT fun!  But it’s actually not complicated and is quite amazing when you begin to understand the basic concepts 🙂

Blocked CHAKRAs can be cleared through different energy medicine modalities.  Through my Retreats, Workshops and One on One Consultations we explore Crystal Bowl Meditations that offer the experience of relaxation and healing.

There is a Crystal Bowl for each Chakra and that corresponds with the vibration of each Chakra.  When we become in tune and present with the vibrations of that Crystal Bowl, those vibrations will act as a tuning fork and clear the energy blocks that you are holding!

AND its as simple and relaxing as meditation.  It IS meditation and it is very cool!

You can experience this and learn more about it by attending one or more of my retreats. Check out UPCOMING Retreats and register for your Crystal Bowl experience (and MORE) now 🙂


Chakra ONE:  Our right to have!

We are all part of a beautiful universe and we are all connected to this source through energetic vibration.   Our unique vibrations determine how we manage our lives; everything and everyone.

Chakra ONE is located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae; also known as  the root chakra and processes the energies that we generate in response to our daily living situation and meeting our basic needs.

Grounding, Family, Stability, Support, Trust, Attracting and Manifesting are all key words connected to this energy processing center.

Here’s a story:

Hecan Have has a history of some emotional turmoil in his past. Enough to create a sense of feeling unconnected and a little isolated. Because of this he has made a “subconscious” vow that questions his own sense of worth and value in the world.  This leads to thoughts that have their own energetic power and take on a presence of their own as he dwells on the thoughts and consumes precious energy.

At times he also experiences a fear of change.

His subconscious vow has created a block around the first chakra energy center and he remains stuck in his view of his own worth and what he deserves.  His thoughts have become his beliefs. He deals with instability and finds it difficult to attract the basic needs of life. He lives in a constant struggle to survive.

Sound familiar?  Too often our thoughts gather energy and manifest into an unfortunate reality.

Exploring and discovering ways to manage thought energy is key  and working through the blocks in the first chakra energy center allows us to approach all of our energetic interactions from a place of self-assurance. We learn to believe in ourselves and our ability to nurture and create the experiences in life that allow us to attract everything we need and want (for the good of all.)

We re-discover our right to HAVE!





Hi! I am Janice Norley and I am a Natural Health Practitioner and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. I help you to explore, understand and manage your energy to rediscover your true self. Through retreats, workshops and one on one consultations, together we enhance your daily health and lifestyle while also connecting with nature and the benefits of a fun and relaxing approach to shifting your energy.