L.I.T.E. – Life is Transforming Energy

You are at a cross-road, need to make change, want to make change, are ready for change. and you want to get started!:


Take every opportunity to feel life, without judgment or expectation, worry or agenda.

I believe that we are all capable of implementing health practices in our day to day lives that will improve our energy levels, allow us to feel better, sleep better, weigh less, DE-stress and prevent illness.

Regardless of what your current situation is, in addition to a new perspective, the benefits to you are going to transform the way that you feel!


If you are now ready to take the first step toward shifting your energy and embracing lasting lifestyle changes then this weekend retreat is for you!

If you are experiencing ill health, are finding yourself at a turning point, but not sure of which direction to turn, please read on………….


Positive energy, positive thinking and well-being are enhanced by a healthy lifestyle and a state of wellness is your gift when you decide to discover your energy “leaks” and find ways to recover.

Living in flow is what happens when your personal energy is aligned with the power of the positive.  Your energies and emotions impact the health of your body and all of your cells. Your life experiences and all of your thoughts determine your biology.

Allow yourself to create ongoing wellness by being an active participant with your health and transforming your energy and your feelings to the natural you – the healthy you! 



L.I.T.E.                Life is Transforming Energy


Everything in your life, environment and even you, are all energy in motion.  Even our thoughts, beliefs and words are energy. Because everything is constantly changing in some way we are always transforming energy.  


Your energy has a frequency that it prefers to resonate with and when your body, mind and spirit are healthy you are living in harmony with the source that activates your body and mind. You feel great – as though you are part of a perfectly timed symphony.

Do you feel this harmony?  It is an amazing feeling and one that you want to stay connected with!  Each day our bodies and minds strive to achieve this state of balance.


Each day we are exposed to conflicting energies that do not resonate with the frequency of that grand symphony. If we choose to allow these conflicting energies into our bodies and minds then we begin to experience dissonance and our personal energy is compromised.  This leads to poor health.

These conflicting energies show up in:

  • Exposure to toxins in the air, water and food
  • Poor eating habits / nutritional deficiencies
  • Substance abuse including over consumption of sugar
  • Lifestyle induced stress
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Negative influences affecting our mind
  • External pressures that steal your power


Finding your Personal LITE!


Some of these conflicting energies are not within our control, however we can limit our exposure to them. We can allow ourselves to resonate with our perfect frequency and live in balance and harmony. It is done by making a decision and through choosing to make some changes.

If you are ready to connect with your personal LITE, to live in harmony and enjoy being part of the “grand symphony” then allow me to introduce you to the changes you can make.

I have a mission to help everyone create harmony and balance in their lives! Once upon a time I experienced many conflicting energies in my life. Once I found a way to eliminate them I began to experience amazing health, balance and harmony. I feel positive energy every day and I would not trade this experience for anything.  I choose this 😊



This retreat is a transformation in the way that you view and practice healthy living.  Much like a car needs maintenance and a tune up, very often our bodies do as well.  It all depends on how you are treating your body on a day to day basis, as well as how you deal with the stuff that we call challenges.  Truth be told, challenge is a matter of perspective and perspective can be shifted.

Everything is possible!

Allow yourself to consider the possibility of transforming the energy that you are to a state of balance that promotes your optimum health. Invest in your well-being and live to your highest potential! Discover your LITE and experience the benefits of living healthy, looking healthy and loving healthy!




JOIN me for a weekend in a quiet and peaceful rural setting to connect with your true self. You will be introduced to concepts that will create the motivation that allows you to implement natural living principles as well as the belief system that you will need to achieve your goals. You will learn why eating well, sleeping well and  movement is so good for you and you will become familiar with approaches to incorporate healthy eating and restful sleeping into your busy life.  Not to mention enjoying exercise!  


Elevate your energy and instead of weight, allow yourself to gain:

  • Confidence
  • Stamina
  • Self-Awareness

A new look and a new Perspective!!

What are you waiting for?!


Feel your own Spirit as it joins with the presence of others. Feel the thrill and freshness of thinking thoughts you have never thought before.

Feel the power of determination when the situation must be changed.

Feel the confidence that comes from allowing you to transform yourself!


MY retreats offer a safe and inclusive environment for you to learn the basics and more of healthy living and healthy eating:

Evaluation – you, the participant will complete a food and lifestyle journal prior to your retreat to provide information on current living – sleeping- exercise and eating habits and to review personal and common challenges to feeling well, living well and looking well.
Motivation – together we will determine what motivates you to create the change you are looking for and we will set your (personal) intentions to create the transformation you are looking to achieve over the retreat weekend.   Through exploring our Chakras we will include a strong focus on:
  • understanding our “energetic” connections
  • understanding that illness comes from a loss of energy and a loss of power
  • getting in touch with your personal energy and what you can do to enhance it
  • learning ways to expand your energy and move away from underlying negative energy streams
Belief – you are invited to participate in a group session of hypnosis (relaxation and trance) to assist you in overcoming negative belief systems and to augment your current positive beliefs. This is optional.
Educate – you will learn the concepts of natural living principles that include shifting your energy to positive, healthy eating – healthy living and a review of how exercise works to enhance your health and healthy sleeping habits.
Action – the steps to be taken to put the program in place – customized to your individual needs

At the end of the weekend you will leave with your plan to live what you learned – the healthy eating/living basics and more.

Creating your own rules allows for a greater chance of change because you know what is best for you and what works best for you.

WOW!  that’s a lot to take in before you have even started!! It’s important that you understand what we do and believe how transformative this retreat will be for YOU!   I also want you to know that we are going to create space for you to be you, express all that is you, to share some fun and laughter and that this experience is a massage for your mind, body and soul.

Accommodations and all healthy and delicious snacks and meals are included in the retreat cost, starting with our Intro Circle refreshments (2:00 pm on day of arrival) and ending at 11:00 am checkout on day of departure.

Retreat Investment is $1126 + HST however the value of the retreat is Much MORE!  Retreats are priced for those who are serious about committing to change in their lifestyle for the better.  While we will enjoy the weekend, the concept is different then a usual weekend get away.

Retreats are priced for your level of commitment to invest in yourself because I am seriously committed to helping you make the changes that you wish to make!

Can’t make it on a weekend?  Please contact me for alternative scheduling.


Celebrate the Summer Solstice with me my next ONEDAY Retreat.

Saturday,  June 23/18  9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Check out Upcoming Retreats for more details and for payment.


Space is limited!

Further details will be emailed to those who are participating, however if you have questions prior to making your deposit, please feel free to contact me – contact info shown below.

If you experience any difficulties with payment or registering please contact me, Janice Norley:

Text or Call 519.495.5654;Toll Free 1.844.595.5654 or email naturhythms@outlook.com

We are not outside of nature; we are part of it. David Suzuki