Healing with Hypnosis

With Hypnosis you can move past the challenges in your life! 


Using the power of the mind we help you to discover and overcome blockages that hold you back from reaching YOUR goals. Take the opportunity to transform negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are hidden as blockages which hinder you from creating the life you desire.


What would you like to change in your life?  Let’s talk about it! 🙂                             


What is Hypnosis?

Many people have only experienced Hypnosis as a source of entertainment where they themselves or someone they know have participated in an event where they were asked to sit in front of an audience and perform at the direction of a Hypnotist.

Healing with Hypnosis

The use of Hypnosis for healing is becoming very popular and is a simple and relaxing approach to:

Smoking Cessation

Weight Management

Anxiety and Stress Issues

Procrastination and Goal Setting

Overcoming Fears and Phobias

Confidence and Goal Setting

Public Speaking

Improving your Game (athletic performance)



In a typical Healing Hypnosis session you will be led into a state of deep relaxation. In that time I will speak to you about the situations that you want to change in your life, as well as the suggested solutions for healing.

My postings on CR8ANEWU will keep you up to date on when I am hosting my monthly Hypnosis for Healing Intro Sessions.or you can find out more by completing the contact mailer at the bottom of this page 🙂



I had always been a bit skeptical about hypnosis in general and doubted that I could be hypnotized because I’m very logical and strong-minded (in my own opinion).  Well, after working with Janice, I am no longer a skeptic and I have been hypnotized to help me stop smoking.  It was the most remarkable thing I’ve ever felt. That uncontrollable craving just disappeared and this easily got me through those tough first days of being smoke-free.  We also worked together to develop some simple tools to use if I start to waver. So far so good. Thanks Janice! 

Shannon K.


Here is what I felt when I was in the trance: I definitely had no sense of time. Literally felt like ten minutes. I could not feel much of my body. It felt very heavy and like there was nothing there at the same time. I was still able to hear outside noises. They weren’t distracting, but I was still able to hear them.

I am really excited now about working towards my stained glass goals.  

Over all a good experience!

Lauren T.


It’s all about  making healthy changes in your life!

Try healing with Hypnosis to create a new you!

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Hi! I am Janice Norley and I am a Natural Health Practitioner and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. I help you to explore, understand and manage your energy to rediscover your true self. Through retreats, workshops and one on one consultations, together we enhance your daily health and lifestyle while also connecting with nature and the benefits of a fun and relaxing approach to shifting your energy.