Now is Your Time – Week 1

True Confession:  I said one new idea, one week at a time 🙂

We are going to start out with some basics, I will call them the SEEDS that are actually a few ideas and since you may already be aware of some of these, then you can allow yourself to focus on what is new and what resonates with you:

Sleep – sleep plays an important role in regulating your metabolism and it affects every process in the body and when you are not getting enough sleep you may experience increased levels of a hunger hormone called ghrelin and decreased levels of the fullness hormone called leptin, which could lead to overeating and weight gain.

Not to mention that being well rested and alert feels a lot better than being tired, drained and over whelmed and stressed out by the little things in life (which tends to happen when we are exhausted).

Exercise –  so you really hate exercise BUT could there really be maybe one thing that you like that involves movement??  ONE THING?  

The “E” word is not just about fitness, weight control and stress management (but so VERY worthy of consideration!)  Our lymphatic system is key to de-toxing our bodies of the crap that sneaks in from everywhere and everything and it depends on movement, water, healthy foods and massage to keep it operating at top performance.  If our body’s lymph fluid cannot flow as it should and we don’t allow our lymphatic system to flush out waste products and toxins then we are inviting illness into our bodies.

Please find a way to move – to be active about 30 minutes each day – and if you can get your bod outside, all the better 🙂

Eat SLOWLY –  if you have a tendency to eat while you are doing something else or when you are on the run, then you are denying yourself the pleasure of enjoying that food that you are consuming.  If you inhale your food, chances are you are going to be looking for something else to eat not long after.

Unless you are choking back something that you really don’t like and you need a distraction, then you are depriving yourself of one of the rewards of being human.

The quality and amount of fresh food that is available to us should not be taken for granted. We are so Lucky when it comes to food choices and when we slow down and become aware of the joy that food brings to us, we feel full faster and happier as a result of the “fine” dining experience – and I am not talking fancy – I am talking about savoring the Tasty!

Drink – even if you are not able to choke back the recommended 8×8 rule;  that would be 8 eight oz glasses of water, carry a water bottle with you at all times and sip from it whenever you think of it.  The key is your pee – it should be almost clear or pale in colour (straw yellow) if you are keeping hydrated.

Water is free and keeps things clean inside your body – detoxing to carry away the crap and hydrating your cells and organs to keep them healthy and functioning at prime.  Never underestimate the damage that the toxic sludge does to your body as it builds up in your cells and organs. We are all exposed to it!

Water is the cheapest beauty product that you can add to your make up bag (or shaving kit 🙂 ) because hydration and de-tox = skin that is cleansed and moisturized from the inside out.

Inner health is key to radiant outer health!

Stress-Management – we have become a world of over-stimulated and over-stressed peeps.  The media creates illusions that we believe that we have to buy into – attempting to convince us that we are never enough.  That you have to be, do, eat, wear, drink, compete and keep driving yourself to the next unattainable level of being perfect.

You are enough! just the way that you are.  So relax and enjoy who you are, what you have and what you do – every day!  If you don’t know how, then contact me and I will show you lol

These SEEDS (Sleep, Exercise, Eat Slow, Drink, Stress-management) are a good start 🙂



Now is the Time

How many times has that little voice in your head told you that “now is the time” and you chose to ignore that voice because you didn’t have the time?

My little voice has been prompting me to start a weekly blog that offers you information around “you are what you eat”.  This is not going to be a diet for you to follow to drop weight, however following some of the ideas I present here may assist you in doing so. 

This is simply a guide to start switching up some of your current nutrition habits for something different, that shifts your energy, brings you more energy and inspires you to consider healthier lifestyle options. You can choose what you would like to do with the information 🙂

Best of all, it won’t take a lot of your time!  One new idea each week gives you a week to try and see if it works for you – and it allows you to create change one step at a time.

We are at the first quarter moon and 5 days away from the Autumn Equinox. The first quarter moon evokes the youthful part of ourselves, to strike out boldly & take action where it is needed for us to pursue our goals. So this is a time when we’re likely to feel energized, motivated & focused.

The Autumn Equinox is the time to sow the seeds for your ideas and aspirations to manifest and unfold in the year ahead.  Just as the seeds of trees and plants now turn inward to a place where they will take root.

Now is the Time! and if it is your time then stay tuned 🙂


Back to Something New!

“No man ever steps in the same river twice for it’s not the same river and he is not the same man”.    Heraclitus

We always have to innovate, grow, augment, repair things in life, even in the midst of what appears routine. 

It’s September and it’s the month for change, new starts, new focus, and sowing the seeds for the year ahead.  Are you up to the thrill of getting back at it?  Or is this going to pose a challenge for you?  Need a little help getting focused?

Would you like to get back to something new?

Meditation could be a great way for you to clear your head, focus and wrap your head around all those things ya gotta do.  Meditation could be the thing that helps you to realize that you don’t really have to wrap your head around all those things ya gotta do!

How about the opposite direction?  How about letting go of the shoulda, woulda, coulda and all ya gotta do?  How about letting go of anything and everything that does not ring true for you?

How to start?  I’ve got a couple of ideas 🙂

Meditation is an excellent way to start anything because it allows you to quiet your busy mind, clear your head of preconceived notions of the way things should be and create a focus on what you truly want.  There are many ways to bring meditation into your life; it’s not always about sitting with your legs crossed and focusing on your breath. There are so many ways……….

Meditation is also an excellent way to alleviate feelings of anxiety, fear or depression.  Calming our jittery minds is key to our well being.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of meditation or a different approach to the practice then I invite you to join me on Tuesday, September 18/18 for a couple of hours of relaxation and an introduction to meditation;  7:00 to 9:00 pm at 311 Augusta St., Ayton    Did I mention FUN AND relaxation? 😉

Let the energy of new beginnings that we feel so strongly this month, connect and guide you to a place where the first steps on a new path excite you!

For those of you who know exactly what the ideas and steps are that you need  to follow but the change that is required to do so is a little daunting, then Hypnosis could be just the thing you need to spark the plug that’s holding you back.  If you would like a little info on the benefits of Hypnosis for healing and experience the transformative shift that is possible then drop in on Saturday, September 15/18 for a session at 11:00 am;  311 Augusta St., Ayton, ON

Your donations toward the local school’s fitness program will be happily accepted if you are participating  🙂

Space is very limited, so if you are committed to either one of these occasions or both, then please RSVP by Friday September 14/18 by calling 1.844.595.5654 or filling out this contact info box. Please use the message box for the date(s) you are interested in:



Energies of LSD

What an amazing time of year!  Everything so green and lush and colourful.  I ride my bike along the trails and country roads and there are flowers everywhere.  Not to mention the butterflies and bees that hover around them.  It’s a magical display of LSD!

I feed my body with the fresh foods that are so plentiful now and their crisp freshness is a celebration for my taste buds. They are loving LSD!

We are transiting now into a time of year where the energies of summer take on a new vibration – blue skies, puffy white clouds, trees shimmer in their fullness, flowers blooming and gardens booming.  All of these the gifts of LSD!

A full moon this weekend rising in Pisces takes us into the darkest depths of our soul – the murky waters where our deepest unresolved pain lies – our sleeping consciousness may cause us to experience energies of despondence.   As this full moon approaches we may witness old karmic lessons and patterns of behaviour…and where addictions may be masking unresolved pain.

Pisces energy is the energy of the wise woman, the Crone and therefore this full moon time is presenting the opportunity to confront our dysfunctional energies and to transcend the life situations that may be holding us back. A time to take responsibility for healing ourselves. This can start on LSD!

It’s about finding your light in the darkness and honoring the signs that lead us to it.  This full moon is here to guide us in moving past the energies that block us from expressing ourselves in our full potential.  Just as LSD move along, we too are now moving on and letting go. A time to honour your wisdom and to understand what can be learned and harvested with gratitude.

VIRGO, ruled by Mercury offers us this time now to bring life back into order; a time to create through learning new things and enjoying new experiences.  The fire element of the full Sun that we have been enjoying these LSD is now waning and we transit through and into all of the blessings that the earth element has to offer us at this time of year.

If the sun’s shift at this time leaves you feeling lost or unconnected, then hear the sounds of the woodlands, smell the scent of the flowers, and realise the strength that can be attained by walking as one within the fullness of nature. Feel the ground beneath your feet, and the abundant beauty of life. Earth is about stability; it is solid and dependable, even in the midst of change.  We are nourished when we recognize and abide by the natural laws of this earth.

A time to reap, enjoy and sow the seeds for the next LSD – those LATE SUMMER DAYS! 

What did you think that I meant? 😉