Refresh and Ripple

You may not realize it, but every small change within every individual creates an amazing ripple effect.

Any shift in your energy that you experience is also experienced by those around you, thanks to the ripple effect. It’s all around us every day – vibrations that come in at different frequencies. The energy that we are experiencing at any given time will attract more of the same. Smiles create and attract more smiles 🙂

So how can we bring more of that energy that we want into our every day life? Well that energy is contagious, so the more of it that you share with others, the more of it you will get back. That my friends, is the ripple effect 🙂

It is my pleasure to retreat with you so that we can experience that ripple together!

Watch this page for the details of my next retreat, coming soon!!

Robin’s Retreat

Robin enjoyed an overnight retreat that had an awesome ripple effect! For Robin’s Birthday Retreat we ventured out into nature where she learned about her connection to the planets and the stars (based on her birth chart) and how they influence her personal energy.

Here’s what Robin says about her retreat:

Thank you Janice, for the wonderful retreat. I truly enjoyed every moment and learned such a great deal. It was an amazing experience, organized with a magical flow. The agenda was flexible with a variety of experiences.  

I loved the walk in the woods. I have never experienced nature in quite that way before. Learning to connect with it gave me a full awareness of all that surrounded me. There was a definite conversation with the trees!  

The two art activities let me express myself and bring out the creative side of me. Your gentle soothing way of guiding the Restorative Yoga session was beneficial for my mind, body and soul. 

 The personalized Birth Chart that you created based on my date and time of birth simply amazed me. It has helped me understand how I relate with my own personality traits and relationships with others. You took the time to explain each section and answer my many questions with thoughtful discussion.  

I highly recommend this retreat for anyone looking beyond themselves for meaning in this crazy world we live in. I would love to sign up for another retreat with you. Wonderful job, Janice! Thank you!!! 

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