Air to Share

I think I want to talk some more about air 🙂 I have air to share! I’ve been pre-occupied lately with all kinds of air.

I have talked briefly on the concept of the element of air and how we are more likely to hear it than see it, and how air is thoughts that may or may not become words. It’s also the space between.

Given that we want to ultimately consider how our air affects our energy, then let me ask you how you feel and think about your air?

I’ll bet we can all attest to “expressing”

  • like a hurricane that blows in and wreaks havoc wherever we land
  • as a gentle breeze that loves to share stories
  • the entertaining sunshine and fire, passionate about her air
  • tiresome and sparse with nothing to share
  • solace for the emotionally and physically wounded
  • tears for our losses
  • the drama and vitality of the Queen bee

I can go on and on but these points can begin to paint a picture of the nature of the exchange of energy and air, as we consider our ways of self-expression. Often we need to step back and look through another person’s eyes to identify our own windy, gentle, fiery, sad, tired and dramatic demeanor. You can bet you’ve engaged in it all 🙂 Remember to consider these things with gentle curiosity and without judgement – no matter who or what you are thinking about.

We’ve all been “monsters” at one time or another – and then the definition of monster is a matter of perspective 🙂 You see how far reaching this can go?

Alternatively, how often or regularly do you alllow “the space between”? Some of us are very uncomfortable with that space and need to have it filled with techno-air (stereo, TV, ongoing conversation – white noise in general).

That space between is what boosts my vitality and is the constant creator of my personal energy. Without that lull I think I would become emotionally and physically ill and I love to use the space between to become still and tune into the outdoors. I have been working from home for 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed having the sounds of the birds, and now the crickets, as my background noise while I work. No radio and No TV!

Also of importance is recognizing that we are continually exchanging air and energy with others all throughout the day – so how you express and how they receive OR how they express and you receive is of utmost importance.

When we begin to understand the elements and what we all share in common in elemental attributes, among the people and among nature, we can all strive for creating and sharing the best situations that allow for all of us to enjoy strong healthy energy – be ready to receive what you are giving.

Take some time to tune into your personal internal energy – how you are feeling on the inside whenever you are expressing your air? How does your energy feel with all of your different moods? Can you see that we can all make on-going choices in everything that we do that can enhance our individual and personal energy and elemental air?