all or nothing / 6 of 7


is the best part of my day

I am seeing and feeling my intentions coming to life. It’s amazing! As I focus on these and “BE” these, I feel energy transforming.

I am also becoming a lot more cognizant of my connection to myself. More and more I am dis-connecting from the things that rob me of the gift of creating and becoming my aspirations.

Nothing is the best part of my day because nothing is where the connections start. Nothing is when we become quieter and quieter and more and more mindful of the who, what, where, when and why of every moment of our day.

Society continually challenges us to live up to something that someone else has decided is the correct way to be – or the next amazing gadget to have – all with the message that the end result is perfect and you will attain complete happiness.

Perhaps you may perceive the words I choose to share here as a similar sort of message, asking you to focus and be. There is one very important difference!

Society invites you to keep up with a pace that is unsustainable in the long run and leads you further away from the experience of life – and the experience of you.

I invite you to create your own pace. A slower approach to living that allows you to become mindful of all things in your world so that you can actually enjoy life. Enjoy being. Enjoy and love yourself. That’s the enjoyment that you will come to know as pure Joy!

Today, try 15 or 30 minutes of nothing. Just be quiet, breathe and feel. Nothing can lead to the very best of something!