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the beauty of the fallen leaf

Autumn brings transformation. The temperature drops as the earth rotates away from the sun and the hours of daylight become fewer. Nature responds to the change by letting go and drawing inward. The leaves fall.

The fallen leaf conveys the art of surrender and once it has hit the ground it dances with the wind and rests at various destinations. It never knows where it’s going to be but continues to display it’s beauty in different ways. The fallen leaf doesn’t know resistance.

Resistance can be experienced as fear, frustration, anger and lack. Do you feel resistance in your life? Do you try to understand why you are experiencing resistance? Do you allow it to keep you from achieving and/or experiencing what you aspire to be and have in your life? Can you be like the leaf and surrender to the potential beauty of the unknown by overcoming the resistance?

What we resist, persists. Focusing on what you don’t want is aligning your energy to perpetuate the ongoing conditions that support the unwanted. Focusing (and being) everything you do want (visualization is a great tool for this) will then connect you to the energy field that corresponds with your desires. Love and gratitude are amazing qualities of this energy and I will speak to that next week.

taken from one of my Energy Medicine texts:

To align with the energetic version of yourself that is whole and free, you need to resonate with it. To do so, you need to acknowledge and trust your own integrity as well as that of source. That means have Faith.

Sometimes resistance is the dynamic energy that is needed to effect change. Introspection and reflection are the spokes in the wheel that creates the momentum that drives the change.

Once your intentions are clear, use visualization to facilitate the change you wish for. Just as I am doing with my aspiration to teach Restorative Yoga (mentioned last week.) The broad field of universal energy that we are all connected to is here for us to draw from. Once you have pushed past the resistance and are able to coax yourself along, you will enter into a more productive exchange with this broader field of energy. You will attract circumstances and situations that allow you to realize your potential.

on another note, I would like to take this opportunity to send the energy of Love and Gratitude out to the veterans and their families. Without the sacrifice of those who have fought for our freedom we would not be allowed the liberties and choices we do enjoy, to be the energy that we are and want to be.