and then Awareness

“Like an odor of incense, like a strain of music, like a sleep, it is inexact and boundless. It will not be dissected, or unravelled, or shown……Known it will not be, but gladly loved and enjoyed.” Emerson on Awareness

Understanding perspectives help us to realize and recognize resistance. When we hold the view (or perspective) that our feelings of resistance within are created outside of us, within the world then we are more likely to depend on that same “world” to bring relief to our situation.

What if we took responsibility for resolving our resistance ourselves? What if we created the relief we are expecting others to create for us?

That starts with awareness. The awareness and understanding that it is your perspective on any given idea, situation or event that is creating the resistance. This does not mean that you need to change your perspective.

Considering Emerson’s take on awareness, developing the practice of ongoing awareness allows you to live from a place within that is a knowing, a being and accepting. Connecting with all of your senses in each moment and being aware of the feelings that you are experiencing WITHOUT the need to label them as good or bad, positive or negative is the knowing. No analysis required. No commentary required. Just being.

What if we lived each moment with this awareness? How powerful would that be? It’s called being present. LIVING each moment being completely mindful of the experience in that moment.

Living every moment, every hour, every day with the courage to understand that any change you are looking for starts within you just by being aware of your perspective and it’s impact on you.

What are you waiting for? The present starts now.