Are you Ready to Rewild?

what is Rewild?

Henry David Thoreau said “Life consists with wildness. The most alive is the wildest and all good things are wild and free.” Thoreau’s journey to Walden Pond was a quest to live in solitude and commune with nature.

The concern for sustainability and the environment is becoming more prevalent with each passing year and rewilding is an opportunity to understand why this is so important. Rewilding is coming home to our roots, to reach out and connect with the earth.

Rewilding is something that we were before we were civilized; rewilding is something that will bring us back to what we were and where we should be. Rewilding reacquaints us with nature and with ourselves; it is the beautiful experience of fresh spring rain, birdsong, crickets chirping, a forest floor exploding with trilliums, fresh picked berries, a breathtaking sunset, cloud watching, star watching, wild animals and their wild babies…….and the list goes on.

We are meant to live in sync with the circadian rhythm and in tune with the seasons. We have become so disconnected to all of these things that used to be the core of our existence. With this dis-connect we experience dis-ease in our life. Anxiety has become common among young and old alike.

Now is the time to free ourselves from the monotony of our indoor environment and virtual world and the stress that it is creating in our lives. Now is the time to re-invigorate your senses. Now is the time to step outside, lift your nose to the wind and your eyes to the sky.

Now is the time. I am Rewilding and I would love for you to join me!!

Beginning with the Spring Equinox in March – consider a weekly rewilding experience! Let’s reconnect to the roots of our existence and enjoy the benefits of some time outdoors 🙂

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