Attention and Connection to Awareness

Imagine all of the different dimensions of air that this leaf inhabited.

From the opening bud in the cool spring rain, the dance of green on the gentle breeze, the strength of the hold in the torrential summer pour, the crisp cold of autumn change and the powerful gusts of early winter.

The final release into the gravitational pull of mother earth.

Find a comfortable place to be for 15 or 20 minutes. Somewhere that you can relax and sink into that gravitational pull.

Once seated, begin. Begin with your bare attention to the sensations of your breath. Feeling the inhalation in through your nose and feeling the air travelling down into your diaphragm. just observing and feeling. nothing more.

Don’t force your breath to be stronger, deeper, slower or faster. just noticing your normal breath.

Feeling the exhalation, feeling your breath leaving your body, up and out through your mouth.

Bring your bare attention to the single minded awareness of breathing.

Sitting, breathing, feeling in this moment – and in this moment – and in this moment – and in this moment – and in this moment.

…………… each present moment. The one and only moment that is our life.

After all of those present moments, take a few more to journal your experience, connection consciously with your feelings of your breath.