August is Awesome!

There’s something very magical about sunrise and sunset in August.  The rising of the sun in the morning is not so early that we feel short changed on a good night’s sleep but yet early enough to cast a luminous light on the abundance of summer with the promise of another beautiful summer day ahead.  And like most things that don’t last forever, we cherish the warmth, the breezes, the flowers and butterflys and even the rains of those hazy days.  The sunset brings the day to a close with a rainbow of streaks in the sky, not too early and leaving enough time to linger in the warmth of those hazy days and observe the stars in the night sky above. 


Is it because the Sun is in Leo – where the Sun is also the ruler of Leo? Is that what makes the sun in August so special and the stars in the summer sky so mystical?

The Sun being the heart of our solar system is the pure energy of creation and the true expression of love – the true unconditional love that is the essence of creation.   The true unconditional love that is our gift to give and to receive without limitation.

Even if you have never stopped to reflect on these gifts of the Sun you witness and experience it’s energy throughout every beautiful day of August.  It is evident in the fields upon fields of fresh vegetables and fruits that are available to us, not to mention the blossoming of so many different varieties of flowering plants.  These flowers are providing pollen to the bees who use it to ensure the continuity of this abundance that is the energy and the gifts of the Sun, Earth and life.

This is the beginning of the culmination of the circle of Life.  It started with the will to create and the energy of fire, just as we all did.  Through the energy of fertilization of seed, attraction of life to form, the energy of consciousness and the matrix of nurturing support, we all become.  We are individual rays of the Sun; beautiful rays of energy and beautiful rays of Love.

We are so fortunate to enjoy the amazing treats that the Earth shares with us during these late summer days. Everywhere around you is something amazing to behold – and it’s here for all of us to share.

Take a step or two, or many, outside your door and feel the love coming through the warmth of the Sun and the gifts of the Earth. Then share them with everyone you know!