Turning in

we plan to play inside now. Drawing closer to the Equinox, sun fading into the horizon just a little earlier every day. Brings us indoors sooner, longer.

Turning in, we can tune in. Become aware of the energy shift outside; feel it, smell it, hear it, see it. Taste it. Take some time to realize the shift of the outside on the inside.

On Monday we celebrate the vernal equinox. This time of balance in the light is an exceptional time to become more aware of our earth connection and our own unique energy. I am personally planning a week of tuning into my energy and setting intentions during the new moon phase that happens on September 28.

Using different techniques like meditation, creativity, journaling and mindfulness I look forward to being present and celebrating the special energy connections we have to the sun, moon and the earth at this beautiful time of year.

Will you join me? Be open and stay tuned xo