Being Magic

Life is made up of so many magical moments and if you love life then you may feel that every moment holds that element – we just need to recognize it.

I just finished a book that shared this:

“magic is what you already be, it’s not even something you do. It’s something that you as a being have as a natural capacity, and it’s something you as a being are as an expression in the world…….It usually shows up when we don’t think about it……..When we are willing to be aware of possibilities ……..”       Dr. Dain Heer

Life can be amazing if every moment is magic!  Here’s a bit of visual magic that I had the opportunity to experience on the weekend:

IMG_0543 IMG_0554a IMG_0563a IMG_0590a IMG_0600a IMG_0609a IMG_06690009 IMG_07150011 IMG_07180012 IMG_07340013 IMG_07830015