The outdoors has been my place for connection and enjoying nature has motivated me to find and enjoy the light that is me. It started many years ago and it’s been an amazing experience that has been an education about life and energy. The energy that is me and that is all of us. It is through this experience that I continually receive the message that this light that is me is to be shared. When my light is shared with you, then both of us will shine brighter. When your light is shared again, then we all shine brighter!!

I am interested in you and your energy! I want to see and share your light!

It’s all about YOU!

Are you a nature lover, someone who likes to get out and experience the out-dooors? Please share your outdoor experiences on this Forum Better yet, please consider joining me at my next “Let’s Connect” event! Go to for details.

Janice Norley, Natural Health Practitioner, Restorative Yoga Instructor, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Retreat Guru


Testimonials from Retreats:

This was an awesome retreat! It was a good pace and lots of interesting activities. Thank-you so much!

Lovely time, I enjoyed the whole weekend. The longer the group is together, the more comfortable we become with each other and the more we are able to share.

Great job planning!  Good job on fab food choices and organizing of it all.

Loved the venue, thank-you so much for all of your help, support and knowledge.

So well organized with everyone in mind and making sure that everything rolled by smoothly. Food was fabulous!

Tracy’s Retreat Experience:

Thank you again for the amazing journey we had with you!
Here is my story …. And please feel free to add anything that I might have misspelled or….you know!!!!
Our meditation walk in nature pre-walk.  We had an activity that we shared something personal…. My dearest friend brought her cherished baby photo book of her beautiful granddaughter “Blake”. Our meditation walk in nature (in silence) started as follows…

First trek… was to observe nature ( no speaking). My friend found an acorn and squealed…. Sshhhh my friend I said.
Second trek….we were to listen what nature said to us
Third trek…we were to concentrate our steps on breathing

Last trek…we were to let all these senses surround us and just feel what nature had to delivery….minutes into our walk an overwhelming feeling of joy entered my body….
Continuing, I looked down and saw a wee baby acorn.  My first thoughts were “Blake” my friends grandbaby.  I picked it up and  this amazing feeling of love exploded in my hand and heart.  I felt my heart grow and grow as tears of joy celebrated this love.
It was one of those life changing experience that live in your heart.

Here’s what Robin says about her retreat:

Thank you Janice, for the wonderful retreat. I truly enjoyed every moment and learned such a great deal. It was an amazing experience, organized with a magical flow. The agenda was flexible with a variety of experiences.  

I loved the walk in the woods. I have never experienced nature in quite that way before. Learning to connect with it gave me a full awareness of all that surrounded me. There was a definite conversation with the trees!  

The two art activities let me express myself and bring out the creative side of me. Your gentle soothing way of guiding the Restorative Yoga session was beneficial for my mind, body and soul. 

 The personalized Birth Chart that you created based on my date and time of birth simply amazed me. It has helped me understand how I relate with my own personality traits and relationships with others. You took the time to explain each section and answer my many questions with thoughtful discussion.  

I highly recommend this retreat for anyone looking beyond themselves for meaning in this crazy world we live in. I would love to sign up for another retreat with you. Wonderful job, Janice! Thank you!!! 

…………..and more:

Great way to learn new things about our energy and a great way to do something different and “outside of the box”.  Would be a wonderful day for a group of friends.   Lauren T.

Thank-you! Lovely and relaxing day! It was fun to sit and take time for yourself and to learn about who you are as a person more deeply.  Arielle S.

Lovely day Janice, You are our inspiration. Such a gentle, peaceful presentation.  P-E-R-F-E-C-T   Dianne P.

Thank-you for a “different” kind of day. I learned a lot and hope to be able to use some of the information in every day life.  Rebecca S.

Thank you Janice for the wonderful day at Ben Miller Inn. I really enjoyed myself in addition to the many benefits I noticed after. Your casual fun style of leading a workshop is most pleasant and your very soothing way of talking us through some meditative sessions really worked for me. I can’t remember the last time I was able to sit still like I could during this portion of the retreat. So this is considered a big accomplishment to me as I can rarely reach that level of relaxation. I also liked the agenda for the day: mixing up some creative exercises with an enjoyable outdoor walk, incredible lunch (thank you for all your efforts there too!), learning more about how to take care of and treat ourselves well in addition to some meditation. I left the retreat feeling so relaxed but when I got home I then felt very energized to get things done, but this time with a sense of calm and order versus my usual semi-stressed rushed-feeling and anxious states. But in addition to the energy I felt early that night, I was also able to sink quickly into a great deep sleep that night. So thank you for this opportunity to spend the day at a retreat as I really enjoyed it and saw many benefits from it! I would most certainly sign up for another retreat with you in the future and would love to bring a few friends next time too!Great job Janice! This certainly is something you are great at doing! Vicki L.

This relaxing and joyful day enlightened my journey to happiness. It also showed me the way our thoughts form our life.  Bev T.

Great way to spend a day. Would have liked the hike – but next time perhaps.  Marg H.  (our outdoor walking meditation was challenged by -15 temps and windchill.)

Had an amazing day, Thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was so comfortable and relaxing. Thank-you so much for a wonderful experience.  Sandy G.

Absolutely enjoyed a quiet, relaxing day to focus on me. Great for working moms!  Jessica F.