Winds of the west, Earth Body, Earth Goddess. Our foundation, support and stability. Material cares and comforts and nurturing the inner child. Winds of power, winds of my body, I thank-you!

We are the earth! Our bodies are a beautiful work of art that are composed of multi-dimensional layers of subtle energy as well as the cellular dense energy that forms our bodies. Like the earth, we are made of metals, minerals, electricity, water and oxygen. We are the energy of the cosmos.

There are energy fields surrounding us, running through us and connecting us to everything. Every day we are bombarded from all directions! We are not able to see these subtle energy fields so their presence is not obvious, however we all have different sensitivities to this energy and those of us who are more sensitive will tune in more easily. Tuning into this energy is sort of like tuning into the frequencies on a radio.

If we are grounded, are aware and comfortable with our Earth energy then we are able to manage these frequencies that vibrate around us. We resonate with them and understand their place in our lives.

Our bodies are an amazing miracle, capable of amazing things day after day! Our bodies are the homes for the forces of energy that create who we are and reflect the strength and well-being of our physical, emotional and mental health.

When we are able to open ourselves to consider the impact of our energy and how it resonates with external energy fields and exchanges of energy with others, we are taking steps toward managing our energy and managing our health.

When we appreciate our bodies and all that they do for us, we are more likely to take the steps to care for the health of our bodies. The healthier we feel, the better we feel and this is evident in the energy that we project to the world.

Earth Mother is home to our bodies, so isn’t it obvious that when we take care of our bodies that we are caring for and appreciating our Earth? We need to care for those same metals, minerals, electricity, oxygen and water that make up the earth, because that is our life source. That is what nourishes our bodies. The Earth is currently under duress and this is a reflection of the love and care for ourselves that is missing in our lives.

The current threats of ecological collapse and the scarcity of clean water and clean air has an affect on us and our own survival. As we ignore Earth Mother, she pulls us back to wake us up and enhance awareness.

The global pandemic has shown us that the human race is not in control of everything. Humans have become so out of touch with the natural world that everything is taken for granted. Now our own frailty is being exposed as we continue to lose our family and friends around the globe to the COVID-19 virus.

It’s time to become more aware of our need to co-exist with nature and our need to learn to love ourselves. They do go hand in hand. Loving your body and loving every life is reflected in our quality of living. Quality! not quantity.

Love is what makes this world go around!


Winds of the south, winds of water. Deeper consciousness, intuition and emotion. Winds of water, winds of healing. Winds of water, winds of feeling. Winds of my blood, Thank-you!

Of the four elements, water holds the highest percentage in our bodies. I believe approximately 65 to 75% and this depends on our age. Organs like the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and skin are composed of more water than matter. Even our bones are about 30% water. Plasma accounts for over half of our our blood volume and it is about 90% water.

We are not just the Earth. We are also Water!!

Where will we be without water? Clean water scarcity has become a global concern, and it should be! The love of the earth of our bodies, extends to the love of the blood in our veins.

The flow of our blood is akin to the flow of streams and rivers. As the tributaries of our lakes and rivers become toxic wastelands, so do we. Just as we depend on nourishment from the Earth, so do we depend on water to hydrate us and keep our beautiful healthy bodies and blood flushed of toxins that we take in on a daily basis.

Most of us have no idea what poisons we allow to enter our bodies each day through the foods that we eat, personal hygiene products, household cleaning products and beauty products, just to name a few. Even our furniture and carpets contain toxic materials. Most of the things we use and consume have an ingredient that we cannot pronounce and have no idea what it is.

To manage this assault on our systems, we should be consuming several glasses of water each day to flush toxins out of our bodies. Pure clean water with nothing added is your best bet, and it always tastes better than anything else when we cannot have it.

Let’s hope that NEVER happens! Sadly, that is becoming a reality in some parts of the world.

Water is moving, flowing and cleansing. We too cleanse our bodies with movement, such as walking, dancing, swimming and other types of exercise. Movement brings oxygen into our blood and enhances circulation which in turn helps to purify the blood in our veins.

The water that we are is also tied to the orbit of the moon around the earth. The lunar gravitational pull is the force behind the high and low tides in our oceans as well as the pull that we feel in our emotions throughout different periods of the orbit.

Our emotions are energy in motion and correlate with the “body of water” that we are. When the moon is full, we too may feel the overwhelming effects of “exposure”.

Along with the need to co-exist with nature, an awareness of what this encompasses is all important. Nature is not just the earth and animals on it, but also all bodies of water and the creatures that live beneath.

Just as we wish to have a clean home and a clean body, inside and out, so do they!


Winds of the east, Winds of Fire. Our inner spirit, willpower and identity. Winds of fire and the Sun and Love, Thank-you!

The energy that brings action into our body and light into our souls is the fire within us! It is the Sun!

The Sun is Queen of our solar system and is our source of life in every nook and cranny of this amazing planet. Nothing could exist without this beautiful star! She shines on the earth to feed us, to warm us and through her beams so bright, we feel love and joy. Everyone is happier when the sun is shining! You only have to spend a winter in Canada to witness the proof of that 🙂

I like to think of us as sun-flowers with our strong and healthy bodies sending roots down into the Earth to ground us and provide stability and support. The seed filled center is our energy – all of our thoughts and ideas, our feelings, our connections and the source of our personality – who we project to the world. The beautiful bright petals are our multi-faceted personalities – who we share with the world. Just like sunbeams, petals brighten people’s lives and warm us with their love.

Fire is our inspiration, our passions, our desires and our motivation! But too much Sun can overwhelm and even burn us. Learning to connect with nature and adapt to the rhythms of the Earth, we will appreciate a moderate and balanced pace for living.

The benefits of our inspiration and motivation will go much farther when the heat is not cranked on high!

The Sun is projected to burn out one day, but that is billions of years away. Just remember that in order for us to reap the benefits of the sun and to keep on shining in our own personal way, we must always rest when there is darkness. If we don’t, we will burn out in short order!


Winds of the north, winds of Air. Winds of the warrior, our inner guardian, protector and defender. The power of consciousness and thought, Thank-you!

Turns out that Oxygen is as important as the Sun when it comes to the preservation of life. It’s what keeps us all humming along in every second of every day – ALL of us! Plant life, animals and humans alike.

Human activities contribute to carbon dioxide which is part of our respiratory process. Oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. Because breathing is normal part of our existence (for those with healthy lungs) and it happens without our even thinking about it, it can be taken for granted. Human activities also contribute to the creation of excess carbon dioxide.

Air is our thoughts, our ideas and dreams. Air is communication – words written and spoken.

Meditation is an exercise in observing our breath and brings our attention to how our breathing can affect other aspects of the functions of our bodies. It helps us to recognize the effects of stress, anger and fear on our breathing as well as that of shallow breathing and holding our breath.

In the last days of my father’s life I watched him struggle to breath, due to emphysema. Even with the aid of an oxygen machine, his breathing was labored and there just never seemed to be enough air for him. Watching someone slowly suffocate is difficult and brings a new appreciation and awareness to the breath of life.

Covid-19 attacks our respiratory systems and takes our breath away. Is this another tactic on the part of Earth Mother to pull us back and make us understand that our approach to living will cause limitations (and depletion) of these resources – the elements?

Excess carbon dioxide is what causes greenhouse gases and the heating of the atmosphere. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants will convert carbon dioxide, along with water and minerals to create oxygen.

Without trees, we would have an over-heated and toxic atmosphere. Trees and plants are nature’s oxygen machine! We are cutting down trees and wiping out rain forests as though they have no benefit to our existence.

Another reason for us to connect with Nature.

When will it become apparent that Nature’s rhythms are key to balanced and healthy living? How depleted do our natural resources have to become? How dirty and scarce does our water have to be? How hot does the heat of the sun and the atmosphere have to get?

Nature to Nurture