The Dream that is this Living

We who travel the earth today do not remember a time when myth and mystery prevailed and the stars were our map in the sky. Can you even to begin to imagine this?

There was a time when man lived so close to the Earth, living in small groups and communities very close to nature. The needs of the community were all important and with their ties to the Earth Mother, the material world and the spiritual world were intimately linked. In time that sense of the organic was replaced by the experience of life through mechanical laws, as the world evolved to become a machine.

Humans became disengaged with the natural rhythms of nature and living in tune with the elements of the Earth Mother, who was no longer in regard. People disengaged with being present in their bodies (home for their own material and spiritual existence) and began to approach living solely from their heads. The essence or heart of each of us became divided from our capacity to live authentically and the world became fragmented.

As a result the world has become of mind that nature can be controlled and exploited for the benefit of humans – and we are now experiencing a crises in the depletion of resources, intense weather events, pollution of air and water and degradation of the environment that we live in.

In today’s technical world where the wonders of nature have all but lost their magic, there are many peeps who are lacking a connection to that something that is the foundation of universal energy. The something that is a cohesive force that ties us together.

Richard Wagamese writes in his book “Embers”: I am a dreamer made real by virtue of the world touching me. This is what I know. I am spirit borne by a body that moves through the dream that is this living, and what it gathers to keep becomes me, shapes me, defines me. The dreamer I am is vivid when I fully inhabit myself – when I allow that. Richard speaks beautiful words that are not only magical, but are the essence of living authentically and in tune with our natural rhythms.

Richard’s words have touched me in a way that inspires me to love nature even more and to create a dream from that connection. The dream that is this living….…..

My dream starts with a star. The star that is in each of us. I envision a star that is the Sun and it resides at our core. With the birth of each Sun star, the stardust energy comes to form and becomes a vibration of beautiful light.

The rays of each Sun star are very unique and they are formed by the energy of the elements. A combination of earth, water, fire and air dancing to their own rhythm. These energies are expressed through our prana, which are currents that move through the shushumna (runs along the spinal cord in the center, through the seven chakras).

The current travels from above and through the crown of the form (Chakra 7) which is the source – thought. Moving down and through the third eye (Chakra 6) it is seen – and it becomes a vision. The throat (Chakra 5) has the energy spoken with a breath of life. The love (Chakra 4) held within the Sun star inspires the word that was spoken to ignite a flame and the fire (Chakra 3) invokes the spirit, light and consciousness. That energy of the will connects with the creative (Chakra 2) and they flow to become a form (Chakra 1) – the current has moved through the path of manifestation.

The current begins in abstract and the portal of each chakra transforms the energy of the current which becomes more constricted the farther down it travels. Each Chakra brings another limitation to the free flow of the current until finally at Chakra 1 the current becomes form.

There are other energies that influence the Sun star along the way. There are archetypal energies that permeate at each Chakra level – these archetypes can be thought of as teachers or guides who radiate their own energy out to the Sun star – for it to gather and keep.

Your first breath that ignites the light of the star is the beginning of living your dream. The time and placement (among all stars) of your first breath is the key to your potential and what gifts you will participate in throughout your living dream.

The gifts of their destiny are realized as each Sun star becomes familiar with the energies of the elements and the archetypes and their correlation within its living dream. In moments of silence and reflection, the energies will speak to the Sun star in a whisper that draws the Sun star in – to reveal the brilliance at its inner core. It is this turning in where the Sun star becomes aware of their authenticity. Also acquiring an awareness that there is nothing outside of them that can ever take that brilliance and light away. Through this awareness comes a realization that their inner light is their true guide.

There will be times when the energies of the elements and the archetypes will create limitation, challenges and obstruction. These are the trappings that determine what price will be paid and what will be sacrificed by the Sun star to align with the abstract that is their source and to find in that alignment the perfect beautiful ray of light that they are.

The path to this alignment starts with the form (Chakra 1) becoming aware of streams of energy that create (Chakra 2) with the flow of movement (e-motion) and those two combine to express their uniqueness with inspiration (Chakra 3) and action. Their expression is enhanced with the airs of expansion and love (Chakra 4) and become alive when shared (Chakra 5) through connection. The form (our Sun stars) begins to understand with an inner visualization (Chakra 6) that the world is within us and it is through love and light (Chakra 7) that the world becomes one.

The stardust became form to radiate love to all, and deep within that love is the knowledge that we are all one. Every vibration of energy that is visible and invisible is a vibration of love that emanates from the same source.

The love that radiates out into the world – through these beautiful forms that we are; earth, water, fire and air. Plants, animals, creatures of the sea and the air and the cell of every human.

Every natural rhythm.