February Lunar Placements

The new moon in Aquarius is a time to consider the presence of our unique energy in the universe, and how we show up in it. Our thoughts and beliefs create our energy and our energy creates our reality. It’s never too late to shift your energy so it resonates with who you are and who you want to be. In working with Aquarius / Saturn / Uranus energies you align your thoughts and beliefs to your truth:

  • Ask yourself, are you living according to your values, or someone else’s?
  • Innovation is a quality of Aquarius that challenges us to think on broader terms and to be creative
  • Saturn will continue to create limitations that oppose your methods in order to invite you to seek something new and better suited for you
  • Saturn reminds us that our aspirations need to be grounded in reality
  • Uranus may be the instigator of chaos in order for you to learn how to restore order, your way
  • Take a stand for what you believe in and don’t let pride get in the way
  • Enhance your quality of life by connecting with your authentic self
  • Ask yourself if others might benefit from your innovative thinking

The full moon in Leo invites you to surrender and entrust life to the rhythms of the universe, creating space that allows change to happen. Consider the things that you do out of pride or to have your ego stroked – always release the resistance you experience when doing things for ego’s sake.

Forgive yourself for thinking that your ego shines brighter than your soul.

Smile as brightly as the full moon and share your smile with everyone regardless of who. A smile is a gift that lights up the day for those around you, as well as yourself. Your outer smile encourages your inner smile and will create new uplifting energy. Just as the sun shines brighter and longer during these mid-winter days, and creates new energy for new life.

The Sun may not be visible every day, as winter begins to release it’s cold and rigid grasp. It teases us with a rainy day that turns to ice in a matter of hours as Spring struggles to thaw the winter chill. Winter has it’s own agenda and it is only with our thoughts that we can begin to imagine and see the change. We know it will happen, and the warmth of the sun will be felt early when your heart resonates with Lunarhythms.