Feelings and Flow

Our second chakra is all about feelings and movement; how we feel inside and how we move our body. How we inspire our first chakra to create the third.

This is where journaling our experiences comes in handy because writing is an excellent way to transfer your feelings onto something solid – paper. It is a method of release. Holding feelings in your body can be hindering to our health, not to mention the effect it has on our physical body.

Holding tension in our bodies is the beginning of many challenges to body, mind and spirit. I am a firm believer in the theory that the quality of the energy we are impacts our physical health and whether or not we suffer from illness or dis-ease.

We are 70 to 75% water which is the element of the second chakra. We need an ongoing supply of clean fresh water to keep hydrated and for our physical body (first chakra) to function properly. This ongoing supply of water cleanses our inner body, moves toxins out and keeps our cells and organs in perfect working order.

The energy of hydration (water intake) has a strong influence on the energetic vibrations of your body (first chakra.) As do your feelings.

If your feelings are resonating with low vibrations (such as grief, loneliness, fear or desolation) then this impacts the energetic frequency of your body. It is like clouds moving in and covering the part of your rainbow that is your first chakra; as a result your body contracts and flow is hindered. What you are feeling causes discord.

This is the complete opposite of the influence of accord – feelings of harmony and balance that will push those clouds away.

All of these different vibrations tend to find and attract similar vibrations to resonate with. All the more reason to encourage flow with your second chakra so that the low vibrations dissipate along with the evaporation of the water that is our second chakra. Keep up the high vibes!!

So here are some things we can do to get in touch with our second chakra energies:

  • lets start by drinking a glass of fresh, clean delicious water – mindfully. While drinking it, consider how thirsty you would be without it. While you are drinking it, think about the trip it is making through your body and all of the cleaning jobs it is doing along the way. Most of all enjoy it and feel blessed that we have it at our finger tips (many people in this world do not)
  • this activity is optional, but if you have access to a large jacuzzi type tub then fill it up with warm water and soak your body in it. Turn on the jets and feel the gentle soothing massage on your body. Again, enjoy it and feel blessed to have so much water to clean ourselves, inside and out
  • now sit in quiet meditation for 10 or 15 minutes, following your breath and allowing the tension to flow from your body. Then, while continuing to sit quietly, play one of your fav songs. Really listen to it and allow your feelings to flow with the music. When the piece has ended please journal everything you felt and why you think that you connect with this music
  • continue on by playing a second fav song and this time move your body; dance with the music and feel the rhythm and flow. Mindfully! really groove and get into it 🙂 When the piece has ended please journal everything you felt and why you think that you connect with this music – notice any differences in how you resonate with the two different songs
  • to wrap things up, continue on with your drawing from yesterday. Today you can create petals around the circle that you drew when we began and be as creative as you can with your petals – give feeling to them (whatever you have been feeling or wish to feel)
  • as always, be present and enjoy!