Good Vibrations

Remember the song Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys?  Do you think they were singing about summer?  

I love the colourful clothes she wears”  brings to mind the beautiful blue sky, the amazing greens everywhere you look, the oranges of the orioles, yellows of the finches, and all of the rainbow displayed in all of the blossoms  “when I look in her eyes, she goes with me to a blossom world.”    

The summer solstice arrives this Saturday, June 20 and along with it the amazing and exciting vibrations of summer “I’m pickin up good vibrations, she’s giving me the excitations!”

Just around the time that we acknowledged the vernal equinox in March, we were all told to stay inside. It has been a very quiet, yet beautiful spring.  From my perch where I live I watched the field and the trees below me go from bare branches, to light green buds to full leaf of many various shapes and shades of green.  The sky seems bluer and the sunsets are amazing!

What vibrations have you been experiencing in this time of re-growth?  The season of the sun. Things seemed to have slowed down somewhat, at least it feels that way. Many have pursued and created new ways of expression due to the inability to be in contact with others and this shows that where there is chaos or crises, there is also opportunity. 

I have used this time to release, rewild, reflect and as a result have created a stronger connection to nature.  I have been taking the opportunity to slow down as an invitation to pause and connect with the amazing vibrations of the earth, birds, plants, insects, sun, moon, breezes and all living things. 

Last evening I watched the breeze carry thousands of fluffy seed heads along a soft current to destinations unknown.  It was very cool to watch because they were drifting through the air up high as the sun was setting and they were like little light catchers shimmering in the air! Those are the moments of nature that bring you to a realization on how everything is connected.

With summer upon us and our social life limited, there is never a better time to get outside and connect with nature in a way that perhaps you have never done before. The benefits to you are immeasurable. Sit quietly somewhere in an open space where there are trees, water, plants and just listen.  Sit quietly and breathe – this one is best when you are laying on the ground – feel the rhythm of the earth. Imagine your heart beating along with that rhythm.  Look up at the beautiful blue sky and see the magic in the clouds.  After sunset, check out the stars and the moon.  While a full moon is usually fabulous, the crescent moon is also worthy of some appreciation 🙂

Since my recent rewilding jaunts, I have come to see trees as family. After all, without them we would not have the generous supply of fresh oxygen that we enjoy, the shade to cool our homes and surrounding environment, the breezes to cool us, as well as fruit and other “treets”.

One of the most relaxing things that I love is to just sit on the grass with my back against a tree trunk and practice back-body breathing 🙂 It’s even more relaxing when done in kinship with a tree, if that is even possible! Reading a book and sitting in the same fashion is also a glorious way to spend some outdoor time.

I had picked up a book recently that is about the reason birds sing. We definitely know that a lot of that music is for attracting mates, nesting and claiming territory.  However I recently woke one morning and had an immediate thought that their voices (which are pure vibration) early in the morning are meant to signal to us that daylight has arrived!  Beautiful!

Yes, the season of Good Vibrations is almost here!! Make sure you celebrate it’s arrival. Get out there, breathe in that fresh air and allow your amazing vibrations to soak up the summer!

“I hear the sound of a gentle word
On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air