Grounding is a process of active contact with the earth, with its edges, boundaries and limitations. It allows us to become solidly real / present and alive with the vitality that comes from the Earth. Anodea Judith

Without grounding, we are unstable, lose our center, fly off the handle, feel anxious, experience fears and lose our ability to have and to be here.  To have and to be here are our birthrights and yet so many people have lost that connection.

Grounding is an essential element of connecting to the earth and it is a simplifying force.  To ground is to acknowledge and take care of our most basic needs and to understand their connection to our survival. Bringing consciousness into our body through meditation and restorative yoga is grounding; the process of plugging ourselves into the Earth and the world around us.

Completing the circuit that makes us a channel for all of the life energies that surround us, grounding protects our bodies from becoming overloaded by the tensions and stress of everyday life.

Your body is home to your spirit and the amazing energy and light that you are. Respecting your body enhances your health and presence. The Earth is home to our bodies and respecting Her also enhances our health and presence.

Where would we be without her?