High Five Retreat

we gathered under a near full moon, and shared an evening of friendly conversation and laughs around the campfire

early the next morning we joined together for sunrise yoga and meditation on this beautiful dock on the river…….

It was the perfect start to a perfect day at this beautiful place:

then we got to know each other a little better…..

what is going on? something crazy and weird and so much fun 🙂 you’ll have to come out for the next retreat to find out what’s really happening!

The highlights of this retreat are your feelings that you shared with me! Thank-you to each one of you for making this retreat so amazing and so special 🙂

Thank you again for the amazing journey we had with you!
Here is my story …. And please feel free to add anything that I might have misspelled or….you know!!!!
Our meditation walk in nature
Pre-walk.  We had an activity that we shared something personal…. My dearest friend brought her cherished baby photo book of her beautiful granddaughter “Blake”.
Our meditation walk in nature (in silence) started as follows…
First trek… was to observe nature ( no speaking). My friend found an acorn and squealed…. Sshhhh my friend I said.
Second trek….we were to listen what nature said to us
Third trek…we were to concentrate our steps on breathing
Last trek…we were to let all these senses surround us and just feel what nature had to delivery….minutes into our walk an overwhelming feeling of joy entered my body….
Continuing, I looked down and saw a wee baby acorn.  My first thoughts were “Blake” my friends grandbaby.  I picked it up and  this amazing feeling of love exploded in my hand and heart.  I felt my heart grow and grow as tears of joy celebrated this love.
It was one of those life changing experience that live in your heart.
Tracy H.

we wrapped up the day with a beautiful Harvest Moon and sharing some of life around another beautiful campfire

some additional thoughts to share:

  • really enjoyed the yoga – peaceful / all of the food was delicious and so much variety / loved all of it Janice
  • this was an awesome retreat. It was a good pace and lots of great activities. Thank-you so much!
  • lovely time, I enjoyed the whole weekend…. the longer the group is together, the more comfortable we become with each other, the more we are able to share
  • yoga – very awesome way to start the day!
  • enjoyed the learning of the signs. very interesting and something that I am not familiar with
  • great job planning – good job on fab food choices and organizing of it all
  • so well organized with everyone in mind – food was fabulous – making sure everything rolled by smoothly
  • loved it, thank-you so much for all of your help, support and knowledge

and everyone’s favorite was our custom painted High Five T-shirts!!

HIGH FIVE to YOU Ladies!!!

Have a group of friends that want to retreat together? Celebrating a special birthday? Need an idea for a fun family get together? Retreat with me!! Together we’ll create a fun and memorable experience just like this one 🙂 naturhythms@outlook.com