It’s really ABOUT you!

You may have noticed that I love to blather on about nature and the precious connection we enjoy with it – even if you aren’t conscious of that connection.  I offer you the opportunity to learn more about how your nature – energy connection impacts every aspect of your life.

I offer you the opportunity to understand how you can benefit from your nature – energy connection and how it can change your life, as soon as you are ready to be receptive to those benefits!!

My name is Janice Norley and here’s the scoop:

I am a Natural Health Educator, Natural Health Practitioner, Restorative Yoga Instructor, Certified Consulting Hypnotist and your Retreat Guru 🙂

I believe that a fundamental understanding of how our own unique energy influences our health, our relationships and our place in the world is key to enjoying everything that life has to offer. To not only receive Joy but to be Joy!

I want to help you become the best that you can be with great health, great energy and a great lifestyle, regardless of where you are now.  It’s all about you – getting you to where you want to be!


ask me about:

  • learning more about yourself through a birth-chart analysis
  • how the energy of the planets influence your path in life
  • how focusing your thoughts on what you really want – and ONLY on what you really want – provides a much better chance of you getting what you want
  • how the moon phases affect your ability to be and feel happy
  • the psychic energy centers in your subtle energy body, Chakras and how their health influences your health
  • your energy connection to the quantum field
  • the benefits of meditation – surrender – relaxation

I do this through workshops and retreats, or by working directly with you on an individual basis.  

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So that’s a little about me,  but when we meet It’s really all about YOU!!

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