September 20/21 Full Harvest Moon – a time to reflect on all that is good in our life. A celebration of another turning, as we move out of Virgo, energy of personal strengths, mastery and acceptance. Achieving is rewarding for Virgo, so with this moon at it’s peak of light, lets look back on what we have achieved since we created our intentions with the new moon a couple of weeks ago. Let’s celebrate that we are a part of something that is magical. Let’s celebrate who we are and all beauty that surrounds us.

This time of year comes as summer one day, followed by autumn the next, hinting at change that is a part of this cycle. Change that teaches us how to accept and how to let go. As we move from the fading light of the full moon, lets consider what we can let go of now to make space in our life. Space for the changes to come!

September 13/21 First Quarter – Waxing Gibbous Moon – kind of sandwiched tween Sagittarius and Capricorn. That feels right to me! After all, this time of year is about seeking out just a little bit more of that summer time fun, while also trying to settle down to our practical and every day life endeavors. This waxing moon can certainly help us do that, as we work with our new moon intentions. I mentioned that being open to everything is as it should be is a great way to be right now and that is the flavor of Sagittarius for sure.

Capricorn won’t be quite so liberal but perhaps loosening the tie and undoing a few buttons is needed right now to align with the waxing moon’s increasing energies.

Have you been feeling open since the new moon? Are you accepting that invitation to surrendering and allowing that mystical unseen power co-create with you to achieve and manifest your intentions? I have found myself in a new breathing practice that focuses on releasing and letting go – which is more of a full moon exercise – but I can feel it creating space for new and amazing things!

September 6/21 New Moon in Virgo – it’s the beginning of something new again. September always feels that way. New things are happening everywhere! Just going back to school feels new again, since it’s been awhile for many students to sit in a real classroom. Something new always begins with an intention and our intentions begin with our thoughts, that lead to ideas and beliefs. The New Moon is the best time to become serious about creating a reality with your thoughts and your ideas – to bring our intentions to life. What better time than now, since it’s the beginning of something new again, to manifest your intentions? I have a few that I am considering and so in the next couple of days I will attempt to come up with a strategy of some sort and then put a plan into place that will inspire me to take the actions I need to bring my intentions to life. Then as the moon moves from behind the Sun and begins to show her beauty to us once again, I align my energy with the pulling force of the moon. More and more people are finding that the phases of the moon does influence our movement through life, and as we learn to work with her cycles we become more aware of this influence personally, within ourselves.

To those who are seriously mindful of each phase of the moon and what effect it has on them will more than likely tell you that your own energy is instrumental in working with the cycles of the moon. You need to align your energy with the vibrational level of your aspirations. For example, now that the heat of the summer has passed it is my desire to enjoy at least 2 days a month out in nature, all day. I love how I feel after a day of hiking trails and being out in nature. It inspires me and that level of energy is what is important to be aware of as I set my intention to attract into my life more outdoor adventure. So, that is what I did today to set the tone – or frequency – of the energetic vibrations that I am aligning with. I spent the whole day out at a park and I am ready to rock my intentions!!

It is very important to align your energy with your desires. You cannot hope for things to come into your life and materialize if you are not being that level of energy that is aligned with the energy of your desires.

Having said that, we also need to be aware of the fact that we cannot control the outcome. We have faith that things will work out as they should. We have faith that the Universe will deliver when and where it can. I have had many New Moon intentions that did not happen at the particular time that I had hoped, but they did materialize at a later date. We are mindful and respectful of “for the good of all, or not at all.”

So at this time, the New Moon is hidden behind Mother Sun in the sign of Virgo. Virgo energy teaches us that practice is productive and with practice we attain mastery. Virgo can also teach us that perfection is unattainable and when we achieve mastery, we would do well to celebrate our achievements and to know that while there will always be more to learn and more to achieve, accepting our present and most pleasing situation is our first reward.

So with your New Moon intentions, be open to being the energy that attracts what you want; be open to practice the skills that are necessary; be open to surrendering to the powers of the unseen and allowing that energy to co-create and be open to acceptance. Be open to everything is as it should be 🙂

August 30/21 Last Quarter in Gemini – at the new moon we pondered on things and ways that we could shine to the outer world. To allow our thoughts and ideas to express. The moon is waning now and once again we begin to let go of things that no longer serve us. Geminin, ruled by Mercury, is a place of information and ideas. These last few days of August provide some time to explore our new ideas and familiarize ourselves with new routines, methods and activities that help us to bring the new to life, while also deciding on what we can say good-bye to. Aligned with the movement of the sun and stars, we know that a new cycle begins again – are you ready for it?

August 22/21 Full Moon in Pisces celebrates who we are by the bright light of the moon. Pisces goes deep and when you have made the intention to try something new the power to meet that challenges comes from deep within. Awareness of who we are and why we are comes through understanding ourselves from the inside out. Sharing our authentic selves comes from meeting, knowing and aligning with the truth of our inner self. It is the best feeling and allows you to stand in the world, uninhibited and holding your true power.

Go out into the full moon light and shine your love and power everywhere!

Aug 20/21 Waxing Moon in Aquarius challenges you to follow your own individual impulses. Follow your heart and allow your aspirations, whatever they may be, lead you to find your dreams. Find your inspiration and create the beautiful you that the world is waiting for.

The unique individual you.

Aug 18/21 Waxing Moon in Capricorn asks you if you have faith in yourself to be what you want to be? Do you love yourself, and through that love have a knowing of when you are aligned with your true authentic self? Is this the self that you show to the world?

only you know 🙂

Aug 15/21 First quarter – waxing Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to be ready for adventure. Sagittarius energy is all about trying new things and that’s a great way to start to know yourself. Trying something new gives us another perspective.

You might compare walking down a loud and busy street with strolling down a quiet one, lined with big trees that are full of leaves swaying in the breeze. You always walk the busy street wherever you go, because it is quicker. You don’t care for that walk much so you try to do it as little as possible. Then one day the street is under construction and you have to detour to a quiet street 2 blocks north and walk that way to your destination. You find yourself engaged with the trees and beautiful homes on the street – and you’re amazed with the peace while also enjoying the sounds of the bird singing. What a difference 🙂

Then you decide to try something new and head out for a hike on a nature trail because you know there are more trees and more birds. You return home feeling uplifted as well as calm. You can’t believe what a difference there is between walking on your noisy street compared to the nature trail – and suddenly you enjoy walking – where it is peaceful.

Try a new walk – and then “talk your walk” 😉

Aug 13/21 Waxing Moon in Scorpio asks us to consider only what is important to us. Scorpio does not care about the past, nor does she dwell on what may or may not happen in the future. It’s all about what feels right in the present.

Are you consumed by too much thinking about what could have been – or how will things turn out? The past teaches us and cannot be changed. We can learn from it but we also need to let it go. Move into the now and look around you. What is holding you back from making the most of today?

Aug 11/21 Waxing Moon in Libra shows us that there many many possibilities in life. How do we go about choosing? In learning to love ourselves, the choices become more selective and hold more promise. When we know who we are and what we want, it’s easier to let go of the things that don’t serve us. We seek the beauty in life and all things that bring us peace. Libra is all about the pursuit of calm.

As your heart guides you toward those ideas and plans to share you with the world, being centered and feeling calm are indicators that you are making the right choices 🙂

Aug 9/21 new Moon in Virgo – well, we’re sort of sliding into a sliver of a moon 🙂 but it’s still new enough to treat it as such. Have you been thinking about how and where you can shine? How and where you can share your unique gifts with the world? Bear in mind that if you can keep this very simple – all the better. You don’t need to complicate this by thinking that you need to learn a new skill to show up with. However, if that is your deepest desire, then that is wonderful too 🙂

I’ve been thinking lately about simple ways to share. Smiling everywhere is one. Adding a word of kindness is even better. I am not an extrovert in the speaking department. My every thought does not come rolling off of my tongue – more like about 20 percent of my thoughts. So when I’m deep in thought and passing you by, I likely won’t even make eye contact. So remembering to smile to everyone is a good start for me.

That’s an important part of the Virgo energy – striving toward an ideal but always willing to accept now as your starting point. Recognizing that the now is just as important as achieving the plan and goals you have set for yourself. The process is about learning to accept yourself in whatever stage of the game you are at, and knowing that is the ideal. You are where you are supposed to be!

So, in considering your ideas in how you can share and shine, be kind to yourself and allow everything to come to you in it’s own time. Your “presents” will be your genuine warmth shining from your heart.

Aug 8/21 New Moon in Leo

In complete opposition to our new moon in Cancer, which drew us within and asked us to reflect on healing our inner self, this new moon in Leo is all about stepping up and out in the world. Just take a look outside right now and observe how Mother Earth is doing just that. Everything in nature is showing up; plants are big, bold and beautiful, trees with full foliage are the same and all the critters are more than content these days with ample supplies and families that are being weened in anticipation of separation. How can we do the same? Did the last month of relaxation and reflection raise any opportunities to change something in your life? Is there somewhere in your life that you are holding back and not engaging with who you really are? Or perhaps you are just not engaging with the outer world at this moment? With the recent fallout of COVID, many of us have been hesitant to make our way back out into the world and celebrate life.

This time of year and this particular phase of the moon is all about taking those steps to be our bold and beautiful selves. It’s such a wonderful time of year to get out and play in the sunshine and Leo is all about play and having fun! Your inner Sun needs to be exposed to the world so that your unique gifts can be shared with everyone.

Chakra 3 is the element of Fire and that’s what we see and feel all around us in the month of August. There is no shortage of fire in the Sun’s brightness and in its warmth. It feeds our own inner fire and brings life to our psyches, our hearts, our minds and our limbs. Outside play is at a peak right now, and hopefully you have something that you enjoy that gets you out into that universal fire.

With the new moon, take some time to think about where you might be holding yourself back at this point of the year, or in your life. What plans can you put into place to show up bigger in the world, so that everyone can enjoy who you are? Or perhaps its more of professional vision than personal, and there is an employment opportunity that you want to pursue where you will be of higher service and enjoy self-development at the same time?

As the new moon develops, once again we’ll touch on growth and ways that we can celebrate each of us in this big warm and happy world 🙂

Aug 4/21 Cancer moon – back to where we started with the New Moon – the moon of nurturing and self care. Have you connected with your inner self – and have you taken some time to care for you? If not, there are a few days left as the moon wanes to it’s sliver of a self, allowing still a tiny bit of light. Did you create your plan to nurture yourself? Are you checking in with how you are feeling in the present moment? Remember, it’s about taking care of you, so that you can be YOU xo

Aug 2/21 Fading waning moon in Gemini asks if there is someone you wish to reach out to at this time to spend some R&R with? Who do you want to catch up with, while catching your breath?

July 31/21 Last quarter / waning half moon knows that summer is slipping by – what haven’t you done that you still wish to do? Waning moons are about chillin – so make sure however you choose to nod to the half moon, make it half the speed.

July 30/21 Waning moon in Taurus – ruled by Venus, Taurus is all about sweet and simple serenity – make some time now for that!

July 28/21 Waning moon in Aries – now is not the time to get super active (Mars energy) however we can amp up our “letting go” energies and take some time now to think about what in our lives no longer serves us – for the good of our health 🙂

July 25/21 Big Bright moon in Pisces – as the moon begins it’s descent (in light reflected) we too can begin to turn inward and reflect on what we can celebrate for this month of July – where we started with New Moon in Cancer and nurturing ourselves. Pisces reminds us that really is at it seems.

July 23/21 Full moon in Aquarius – the sign of love and unity. Let’s hope that is a good sign for the days ahead 🙂

July 21/21 Waxing moon in Capricorn – knowing that who we are is enough. If there is any doubt for you, continue to find ways to take care of you and to learn to love yourself. It is in that love where you appreciate you, just as you are. There will be no need for external approval.

July 19/21 Waxing moon in Sagittarius – the journey that we want to embark on, to really understand.

July 17/21 Half moon in Scorpio – being present to the growing light in the night sky! Cancer nurture means sitting with whatever comes up now. Being present with all energy and releasing that which is a burden. Look inward and feel inward and take stock of what is there. Do you like what you are feeling? are you taking care of you?

The light is growing stronger now, allowing us to become more aware of our inner self because this is the time to develop an understanding of what your needs are and how they will be met. It is up to you – few wished come true by themselves. Scorpio is the guiding strength.

July 15/21 Waxing crescent moon in Libra asks us to create balance. We are focused on nurture and that happens when we take the time to care for ourselves. Every day we are faced with many situations where we expend our energy and we need to replenish the stores. Taking time out to slow down, relax as well as engaging in activities that reward you with joy will generate energy for you. This is a wonderful time to just sit quietly outdoors – choose shade or sun – and enjoy a cool beverage while just taking in the sounds and the smells of the earth. Engage with the fresh and green outdoors, feed you senses and nurture your soul.

The moon’s light is showing brighter now and inspires us. The crescent moon in the sky reminds us of Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle 🙂 oh to be so light at heart, and we should be. This is normally a time to be executing projects, making plans and creating, however in this month of Cancer, I say relax and nurture. We can pick it up again next month. Soothe into the harmony of Libra.

July 13/21 Waxing Moon moves into Virgo, which has been known for precision and practicality. The other side of that moon encourages acceptance of what is – that perfection is a far reaching goal. Is there something in your life that you may have judged without full consideration of all of the facts? Do we ever know all of the facts? Whether it be within ourselves or in others, we are always learning. I know much more about myself now than I did 5 years ago. With acceptance and surrender, life will provide the interesting learning experiences – and to be open without judgement, you will find something in those experiences that opens your eyes to a new way of looking at yourself. Your perspective constantly changes, so accepting that the present is just as it should be is a wise choice. Virgo is the earth element, so take some time to appreciate everything that is physical – your body, your environment and all things that you can touch. Remember that nature nurtures all, just as they are. Let’s follow her lead.

July 10/21 Moon moves into Leo, where nurturing your self-expression is important to consider and better yet, to actively pursue in the next couple of days. Anything creative that nurtures your heart and soul; moving your mind, your body and connecting with your emotional self. Try doing something that shares a little of who you are and keep things simple; this helps to ensure that your attempt is genuine and that you are doing this for you. Keeping it simple creates ease and an increased likelihood that you are able to connect and keep the momentum.

Yoga for the second chakra, incorporating moves such as Goddess Pose, Pelvic Rocks, Pelvic Side Rolls, Cat’s Pose and Child’s Pose with open hips are beneficial to opening the second chakra. Experience that vibrational pull through breathing and meditation.

July 9/21 New Moon in Cancer brings nurture to nature. Summer is warmth and bright light, healing elements for all. It’s no wonder we are drawn to the outdoors and do whatever we can to enjoy those gifts. A day out in the sunshine lifts our energy and our spirits like nothing else. The long days of light and sun’s warmth nurture the earth and hasten the growth of food and life; the new moon perpetuates the growth cycle once again.

Let’s surrender to the healing warmth of the sun and enjoy the energy it provides. Let’s make the space in our lives now to do this. Our personal energy is coming into balance and as each day follows the waxing moon, we can engage with the increasing levels of energy to create experiences that nurture and heal your soul. For enhanced vibrations that attract continual warmth, light and love.

Do you know what heals you? To what or where do you turn when you are not feeling yourself? Do you notice a heightened sense of well-being this time of year, in response to the sun’s invitation to play outdoors? To partake in her gifts that are meant to bring increased energy into your life?

This time of the new moon invites you to actively pursue ideas, situations and activities that enhance your well-being:

  • yoga – particularly yoga that enhances your second chakra (water / creative / energy in motion)
  • dance – anything that moves you, physically and emotionally
  • outside activities like gardening, nurture-nature walks, picnics and beach days

Chakra 2 is the element of water – health in fluid movement, experiencing pleasure and connecting with that and those who create within us a sense of well-being. Moving our bodies promotes flexibility and allows our muscles to relax, while moving the blocked energy that we may be holding in our bodies. Our emotions are the fluid essence of our physical bodies – which is a container to the water that fills it and allows our body to flow and change.

Consciousness meets our body – awareness filters the ideas that consciousness brings creating subtle emotional reactions. The type of reaction depends on our emotional and mental health. In taking this time to acknowledge the beginnings of the new moon and the energy of the waxing moon in the coming days, in the nurturing sign of Cancer, we can learn to recover feelings we have lost. Through reflection and Chakra 2 activities, we bring those feelings to life again, experience them and explore ways to resolve them, through the new moon activities you chose to pursue.

Cancer is the sign of reflection and connecting to your inner self – take time to be in the quiet (outdoors is optimal) and just be; breathe the beautiful fresh summer air and just bask in its warmth. Feel the pleasure of tuning into you, and journal your experiences. Cancer is Earth Mother sharing love for growth and healing.

July 8/21 Luna moved into Cancer today in the dark moon phase. It is time to let go of all things that no longer serve us to make space for the new. Creativity is on the horizon. Let’s pursue this path together. Cancer is the sign of nurturance and is the element of water. Let’s take some time to slow down and consider how you would like things to be in a year from now. Personally, socially, professionally – whatever aspect of your life is ready for a makeover – and create a list of anything that you need to let go of. Seriously consider the events, situations, people or things that hold you back from your being you, and begin to plan to gently let them go. It’s time to nurture – to create. Tomorrow’s new moon will provide the opportunity to practice nurture and to connect with the emotion of letting go.