January Lunar Placements

The new moon in Capricorn is the perfect time to create new energy in your life. Much like the practice of creating new year’s resolutions, in working with Capricorn/Saturn energies we set out to create a vision of our ideals as well as a plan for accomplishing them:

  • New moon is a time to shift and/or enhance our energy so that our unique vibration connects and resonates with the building energy of the waxing moon
  • A very beneficial time to create a plan for manifestation as we enhance and create a positive energy field within that resonates with the waxing moon
  • Imagining and visualizing the goal and what it feels like to achieve it
  • Creating a belief system around that vision and establishing the belief in yourself that you “have” realized your goal
  • Knowing that the energy you are creating through these visons and beliefs are bringing you into resonance with the energy that attracts what you want and need for fulfillment
  • Understanding that the energy of Saturn (that rules Capricorn) is going to challenge your determination and ask you to prove your genuine motivation to succeed
  • Understanding that the limitations that Saturn poses are gifts that create an awareness of how we can achieve self-respect, self-esteem and confidence through mastering achievement
  • Above all, connecting with the lunar love that is your gift to yourself as you continually develop your confidence and your self-respect because these are the qualities of loving you!

The full moon in Cancer is the perfect time to acknowledge the energy that you are, your special light that you share with the world and how your feelings influence your desire to create something new in your life. Why do you want to create new energy in your life?

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and lunar energy is all about your heart and soul, and tuning into feelings of happiness. It is Joy that expands our heart and it is Joy that feeds our soul. If we feel dis-connected to experiences of pleasure and wish to pursue new and different ways of inviting Joy into our life, then it is the desire to do so that motivates us.

It is through our senses that we experience feelings, which in turn contribute to our emotional state and it is that state that inspires us to create change. If there is nothing that we desire then our senses will shut down; we are not inspired nor are we motivated to expend effort to achieve. The energy that we are becomes idle and we lose enthusiasm for life.

The Cancer full moon is about connecting with our feelings, understanding our emotions and in doing so, how we are then inspired and motivated to influence the aspects of our life where we can fulfill our soul’s desires.

That is key to accomplishment in the new moon plans to achiever our ideals. If you are interested and feel that you are ready to pursue your desires to create something new, then you can take the first step here.