Let’s Start With Perception

seeing through my eyes

I see a feather in the sky. What do you see?

What you see and I see are always going to be different because our individual interactions in and of the world, through our senses, create our experience based on our perceptions.

Perception is formed and based on every one of our experiences and the energy that resulted from those experiences. That energy conditions us to attract or avoid similar situations, depending on how and what we felt in those moments.

Each of us is energy in motion with a unique history of experiences and feelings that influence our perceptions. Each of us is energy in motion, interacting in the world according to OUR perceptions. Each of us living, connecting and responding in each moment of each day and contributing what we believe is appropriate to each situation. Based on our perceptions.

Now, this may seem like common sense to many. If it is common sense then why have we become a world where it is only our own perception that matters? There are so many situations that arise throughout our day that we judge as less than favourable and decide in that moment that something or someone on the outside needs to change so that our experience becomes more bearable. We have come to expect the world to pander to our feelings and perceptions and if it does not, then we project dissatisfaction in that situation or in that moment.

It happens on an individual level, which culminates and feeds group mentality which becomes the motivation of the tribe to make the rest of the world be who and what WE think that they should be.

Our national and global current events are prolific examples of this mentality. Our national and global current events are unsettling to say the least.

Perhaps it is time to bring some sense to the common sense of perception. But that’s just my perception.