Letting Go

how do you know when to let go?

There is no doubt that autumn gifts us with a landscape that catches your eye and earth scents for the soul. October winds carry seeds to destinations unknown and leaves from trees may move many miles before becoming mulch. From seed to bloom to blown, they endure and surrender to their natural cycle.

Can we say the same for ourselves? October winds have so much to teach us! I think we can all share a tale or two of a time in our life when we held on to something or someone long after the timer went off telling us it’s time to move on.

Leaves on trees surrender, let go and fall. It’s what they do and it’s also what we need to do when we have lived through a situation or relationship long past the experience that is meant to be and that we have shared together. Autumn winds of change serve nature well and that includes humans.

Are you struggling with something right now? If so, try to let it go. Like the leaves, make space for new growth and allow yourself to flow with the winds of change. See where you land and where a new direction can take you!

On Thursday our Sun moved into Scorpio (Oct 22 to Nov 21) and we now move into a period of transformation. One week today, we will celebrate lives that we loved; the energy and connections of those in our past who we are thankful to have known and cherish what time we had together.

They too had to finally let go.