love Autumn

Autumn’s energy is the show of colour and the winds that are here now to disburse the seeds. The rustle of the leaves in the trees, and as they drop bring the spirit of the winds to our ears. I love to fall asleep to the sound of the autumn winds.

On the sunny days the colours are brilliant and intense and on the rainy days, it seems like the skies are made of slate. The rain soaks everything and brings a cool freshness to the air. An air of leaves on the ground and the life in plants falling away. The scent of autumn energy. It is time to pause and really look at the amazing transformation that is happening right outside your door.

In the cycle of the seasons and the elements, this is a time for balance. I love autumn and I am an autumn girl – born this month of October. Astrology refers to this time as Sun in Libra (Sept 23 to Oct 22) and it is the energy of Venus that rules this sign.

Venus wants us to see all of the beauty that has come to be since Mars incited the seed that was planted. Can you see how the energy of Mars in April has transformed a wintered landscape with something that is truly magic? Fire touched earth and air to bring the seed to life and water nurtured it so that its unique energy will feed us and our own energy in so many ways.

Venus energy is all about beautiful things like art and decor as well as the energy behind relationships. The fall colours are an ongoing inspiration to so many creatives and there are times when I feel like I am walking in a painting when outdoors.

Is it a coincidence that we celebrate Thanksgiving in October? I have my doubts. Our ancestors were so aware of this energy that is key to life and how the gifts of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus intertwine the biology of the earth with our own.

October (Sun in Libra) is the element of air which is the basis of thought. Thoughts, beliefs and words are the chisel that forms the energy of Libra and it is deep contemplation that brings my autumn energy into meaning. Right here in these paragraphs I connect with you in autumn fashion.

Deep thought – reflection – sustenance for the inspiration and understanding of each of the elements that we are………

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