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We ring in this new year of 2022 with a new moon on January 2nd! As many of you are considering resolutions for the new year, you may find that working with the rhythms and phases of the moon very beneficial.

It is my intent to show you how your connection to the moon and its phases can bring an awareness to you of a long forgotten wonder that our ancestors held for the changing moon in the sky. Let us indulge in a sense of awe and re-connect with that sense of wonder. Let us allow the lunarhythms to guide our heart and soul to that place inside where we connect with true happiness.

Now is the time! We are all up against a lot of challenges. Are you ready to understand and learn how to influence your own energy field to meet those challenges? Are you ready to create in your life, the situations that will provide a new perspective on who you are and what you are capable of? Are you ready to feel joy and be happy?

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