The Sun inspires us and the Moon mystifies. The Moon is our heart and soul, and many of us have lost that connection in trying to understand and meet a demanding lifestyle. That is the mystery to be revealed; your true connection to your heart and soul.

The Sun reflects its light on to the moon, creating the light and glow of the moon. This actually symbolizes how the light of our Spirit is shared when we are living in tune with our own natural rhythms.

The new moon is darkness and depicts the inner self – the primal stage of creation, known as inspiration. As it moves out and away from the sun and begins its orbit it reflects the light of the sun. The elements of fire, earth, air and water come to life as our inner hopes, dreams, visions and ideals also begin to take on a light of their own.

We can create in the spaces of the moon’s phases – following its changing light and its placement in the sky to help us understand ourselves. Allowing yourself to fall into a natural rhythm and be who you are meant to be. An ongoing surrender to what you are feeling and understanding lunar influence on your energy. The moon is your feelings and your feelings create your life.

You will learn the relation of the Moon to the changing of the seasons and how that influences your energy. You will come to understand the relation of the Moon to the Zodiac and how the related elements of the signs influences your energy and how following Lunarhythms can create balance in every aspect of your life.

Surrendering to the flow of the evening star to connect with your heart and soul, the essence of who you are. 

Enjoying a true connection to your heart and soul is how you create Joy in life. The moon symbolizes your path to happiness, and its placement in your birth chart is an indication of how and where you can create JOY in your life!