March Lunar Placements

The new moon in Pisces signifies a time of letting go so we can create the space we need for new energy in our lives.

With Capricorn we build the foundation, and with Aquarius we explore our ideas and beliefs.  Before we can engage with the Spring spark of renewal we must prepare our selves mentally and emotionally in order to be present to the signs that Spring will show us.  The signs that invite us to explore opportunities for new growth. The arrival of Spring is filled with magic and wonder, as well as adversity. Our survival techniques and tools may need to be put to the test! When we look outside we see the “hunter and the prey” continually playing out in all different habitats of nature. We can observe that being prepared and being alert will serve us well.

The energy of Neptune is filled with vision, creation, fantasy and the deep inner realms of the soul. If we are able to explore those depths, Neptune energy will invite us to be open to the miracles that come our way every day:

  • When we explore the depths, we will realize the undercurrents of high vibration energy
  • That energy guides us to further depths if we allow it – the deeper we go, the more we reveal
  • Our personal inner realm aligns with these realizations and provides opportunity to learn
  • From these inner realms we are led to understand that we benefit from letting go of the energy that holds us back from renewal
  • Space for new and transformative energy opens and becomes the receptacle for more refined energy
  • The more refined higher energy resonates with love, compassion and empathy and the rewards of experiencing them 

So how do we explore these deep inner realms of the soul?  We need to get quiet.  We need to learn to settle the busy-ness of our minds and meditation is pretty much the only way to do this.

Mediation can be experienced in many different ways. If you have something that you already engage in that enables you to zone out and relax, you can understand the rewards of that focus and the sense of blocking out time.  This is the simplest method, because your focus keeps your mind from wandering.  Things that are creative like painting, colouring or following guided meditations.  Baking and cooking can also be engaging and meditative as well.

Sitting quiet and following your breath is the way that many people start out – however the busy-ness of the mind often leads to frustration.  Bringing yourself back to center over and over will eventually help you to tune out that noise and is well worth the effort.  Quiet walking and hiking on trails while tuning into nature is another way to discover this peace of mind.  Or just sitting outside and enjoying the sun on your face and following your breath.  Whatever practice can help you slow down and truly understand peace of mind is how we get to understanding and discovering our personal energy field and what we are capable of.

The full moon in Virgo asks us to accept ourselves for the amazing true magic that we are!

Tilling our mind, heart and our soul – just as we till a garden – prepares us for receiving and creating. Compassion for ourselves and whatever situations we find ourselves in will also help to bring us to that place of peace, which allows us to tune into another realm of energy.

Consider watching the sunset over a lake. The amazing colours in the sky are reflected in the water. Now think of the sky as your mind and all of those colours are what happens when you are experiencing the beauty of quiet. Think of the water as your emotions and your feelings. The water can only reflect what is in the sky – your emotions and feelings reflect what is happening in your mind.

That is the essence of Pisces.