Moving into the Light


is known in the gift of tranquil moments.

Winter Solstice is happening now – the day with the least amout of sunlight. And now we move into the light.

We all feel the darkness. We get up and go to work in the dark and we come back to our homes in the dark. Did you notice the darkness creates resistance? I hear people say “I hate going to work in the dark. I hate getting up in the dark. I hate going home in the dark.” Why is everyone so uncomfortable with the dark?

Sometimes the dark also happens in the brightest of light. The dark comes in many forms in our lives. Sometimes the dark will show up when it is least expected. The dark beckons you to consider the light.

How would you ever appreciate the light if you didn’t know the dark?

Everyone is preparing for celebrations in the next week and more; mostly involving decoration with lights. While the tradition of lights is continually passed down to each generation and is very symbolic of the celebration of Christmas, I take the time to reflect on the light that we are and have within us to share.

Traditions continue to share, year after year, the idea of giving. As time goes on and we become further removed from the ancient traditions of light and gifts, we continue to struggle with the “perfect gifts” and actualizing the significance of the importance of this holiday season.


We are sources of light – individual and perfect in our own right. We rely on the sun to bring light into our lives; the sun inspires and motivates.

Our 3rd chakra energies replicate that energy of the sun. When we are living in and from the true essence of our own individual light. we shine. We are the inspiration of light and joy. We connect with true light, true peace and true love.

Celebrate the solstice and moving back into the light. Reflect on your connection to the light. Reflect on the light that you are.

Then share that light – your light – with your world. Pure light will shine back on you.

Celebrate moving back into the light by actually seeing the light in everything and everyone, every day.

Remember, sometimes you have to know the dark to see the light.

Happy winter Solstice šŸ™‚