New Moon in Pisces

The sky shows us how any moment can create something new and something beautiful. You just have to be open to all of the possibilities.

Yesterday we came into the new moon lunar phase – new moon in Pisces. I am particularly excited about this new moon because yesterday I achieved my certification for teaching Restorative Yoga!

Do you recall 4 months ago when I blogged my “new moon intentions?” One of those intentions was to enroll in a yoga teacher training program and here I am at the start of a new moon lunar phase, 4 months later with that intention realized 🙂

So now it is with this new moon that I create the intention of inviting you to join me and experience the amazing benefits of the meditative practice of Restorative Yoga.

With daylight savings less than 2 weeks away and the Spring Equinox following, all of nature will be coming to life. There is no better time to bring new energy to your life. Details to follow 🙂