New Moon in Scorpio

When we feel the strange energy of the shift–or feel out of sync–the answer is to connect with the inner self.

Moving within leads to the inner self, which holds a space of infinite love.  This leads to stillness, which brings peace. It also ignites our inner power, which heightens our ability to create good and beautiful things. Julia Griffith / One True Self

Scorpio is all about transformation and new moons mark a time for new beginnings. If you know anything about astrology you may be aware that the energies of this new moon are predicted to bring change to all and in some peculiar and unexpected ways.

If we are able to view unexpected change as shifts in energy and take some steps to work with the energy, we can transform it to the energy that enables us to learn and grow. Surrender to the resistance; allow the energy to move through and see what unexpected and yet amazing things may happen.

Trust that everything always is as it should be but don’t give up on revealing the true light of your rainbow.