New Moon Intentions/1 of “7”

I often get orbs in my photos. See how the orbs that resonate are attracted to each other. That’s how our energy works and attracts energy of similar resonance.

I have been considering this post for a few days attempting to determine just how much stuff I want to share here. My intent is to share the benefits of creating new moon intentions without blabbing on and on about my intentions. Having said that, I will blab on somewhat about my intentions because they very much tie into the potential and merits of energy medicine that I love to share with people (who are interested ;))

So if you continue to read, I will assume you are interested – and I will try to keep this brief and also informative.

I am sure that many of you have heard of the benefits of keeping a journal of your dreams; the things in life that you aspire to do, to have and to be. While logging your dreams you are sending out a message to the energy of manifestation (universe, divine energy etc) what it is you want. This allows your unique energy to attract the energy of what you wish for.

The energy of the butterfly symbolizes transformation. The butterfly surrenders to the dramatic changes of its life cycle and always connects with what it wants and needs.

but here’s the thing. Sometimes you may not be ready to receive. You may be holding energy that is not conducive to allowing the energy of your wishes and dreams to manifest in your spectrum. I am sharing this tidbit with you because I am speaking from experience – and that is a story to share in person or this will become a novel.

If you are poo pooing this, then I urge you to try this exercise – or try again if you have misgivings from a prior disappointing attempt(s). Life sometimes has funny and challenging ways of bringing our dreams to fruition; this is where surrender and allow comes into play and NOT GIVING UP! Things don’t happen if you won’t put your energy up on the line, just like the butterfly.

Again, speaking from experience, I have been and do continue to jot what I want in a small notebook. My best bud does the same and both of us have seen things happen that we would not have expected prior to making this a part of a regular routine.

A new moon is the energy of new beginnings – a time when you can connect with that energy to start anew and rejuvenate your dreams and desires. I believe the new moon today brings a unique energy into play because it is the new moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of transformation. Death and rebirth. So give this some consideration. Be open to allowing your energy to attract something that you would like to happen in your life. If you aren’t into the notebook, then write it or draw it on a piece of paper and stick it on your fridge door. BELIEVE!!

ps – be kind to yourself; be ready to commit energy; be open to new energy coming in to your life in whatever form it happens to appear

My new moon intentions:

  • strengthen my connection to nature and increase my knowledge of natural health / energy medicine practices
  • establish a regular yoga routine and enhance my unique energy through this practice
  • enrol in a yoga teacher training program
  • develop a creative practice – I aspire to allowing my energy to connect with paint on canvas šŸ™‚
  • develop a unique online end of year retreat celebrating the winter solstice and moving back into the light
  • develop a One Day Retreat (live) celebrating the Vernal Equinox and Earth Day
  • manifest ongoing opportunities every day to share the benefits of energy medicine to increase understanding and interest

I will connect with you again next weekend for week 2 of “7”