Planets Bring Elements to Life

The Star that is the Sun

The Sun is one star that we can never do without.  It lights our way, warms us and feeds us as it moves through its path of evolution and as the earth orbits it.  We can think of the sun’s fiery energy as an expression that is similar to our own expression of our energy.  If we are in tune with high vibration energy, then we are more inclined to be upbeat, loving and warm, and shine like a light, just as the sun does.  High vibration energy resonates with our center and fosters feelings of peace, love and acceptance. The sun is continually generating hydrogen through nuclear fusion – that’s technical but it can be viewed as similar to our own life force re-generating when we are in tune with our personal energy field.  There are days when we don’t see the sun due to cloud cover, just as we have days when our personal clouds inhibit our true light from shining through.  When we are in resonance with the vibrations of our natural energy field, we too care, share love, and light the way for others.

The Moon

Where the Sun is perceived as outer expression, the moon is all about our inner self and our feelings. The moon is unpredictable and through its 29.5 day cycle it will appear in different phases and different places in the sky.  The moon does not have its own light, it reflects the light of the sun and its brightness depends on where it is placed out in space and in relation to the sun’s placement. Moon energy resonates to the energy of compassion and our ability to share it – to express our heart and soul energy. Being comfortable with deep feeling and knowing how important that is to our experience of life is the essence of our moon energy.  Understanding and accepting our own feelings allows us to also understand the feelings of others; that is the nature of compassion.  Compassion for ourselves will stimulate the light of our moon beams, as our inner self becomes the light of our outer self (the Sun). Compassion is healing energy.


Mars is inspiring fire energy and we encounter it everywhere.  Mars is the energy of action, change, defense, survival, inspiration and motivation. Assertiveness and Aggressiveness.  Writing this is an expression of my Mars energy; I am inspired to the action of composing.  The activity itself is Mars energy, however the thought process behind it is Mercury energy. We see Mars energy in action in Nature as the Earth responds to the return of the light in Spring, and how Nature creates and nurtures as the daylight increases.  The fire of Mars resonates and reacts to the fire of the Sun.  We too are capable of amazing action when we are healthy and we are experiencing higher vibration energy.  Resonating with those vibrations motivates us to act and create from a place of love within, and then we continue to attract more of the same energy.  Wherever we find the aggressive energy of Mars, we are encouraged to develop courage so that we can choose to react to this energy appropriately.  We can learn to respond through assertiveness or through developing the courage to not react at all. 


The beliefs and thoughts behind everything is the energy of Mercury. It is also the connecting link between our thoughts and manifesting them.  As I mentioned earlier, Mars is the energy behind my will and desire to compose this document, however Mercury is the energy that links my thoughts to my ability to express them.  The final product (what you are reading) is a creation of my thoughts and beliefs – my perceptions – and is the energy of communication.  Mercury energy is communication:  talking, listening, reading, writing, teaching and learning. If you are resonating with your true personal energy field, then you will find communicating and expressing yourself to be an act of sharing, and an act of caring love.  Other similar energy will be drawn to you and that reverberation creates a ripple effect, where we all benefit from the higher vibration of that energy.  Just consider the various ways that people in your life have spoken to you and how they react to your speaking and you get an idea of how the energy behind those words and thoughts impresses upon you.  Are you attracted to it or do you experience resistance?  We find our authentic voice when Mercury connects us to our true personal energy field.  One of the more amazing aspects of Mercury energy is that we are living in an age where I am communicating this summary to you (people I have never met) who will read this.  We will never speak to each other, and yet we have shared these ideas and thoughts.


The energy of relationships – the lover and the peacemaker.  Venus energy responds well to Mercury energy, because Venus seeks harmony and balance.  The peacemaker in you will naturally react to all types of Mercury communication in a way that fosters energy that seeks harmony and is calm and loving. Venus is the energy that we experience when we are relating to others and Venus seeks equilibrium.  This means that with our most intimate relationships we are attracted to the energy of those that we feel that we lack within ourselves, filling the void and creating balance.  This force of energy will expose us to our vulnerabilities and it is through that exposure and understanding that we learn how to develop that energy within ourselves.  This allows you to gain perspective on complimentary energies and how to shift your energy to attract the vibrations of those who resonate with your own, creating congenial and loving relationships and partnerships.


The energy of karma and discipline. Saturn energy is behind every lesson that we learn, no matter what the outcome.  It is the karmic energy that will continually deliver similar lessons until we develop the awareness that is required to motivate us to seek change (Mars) and find the correct balance (Venus) that serves us and allows us to experience a shift in our energy.  A higher vibration of energy that comes to us through self-discipline, self-respect, acceptance and faith in life.  Knowing that we can depend on ourselves at all times to make appropriate choices in all of life’s experiences is the energy of Saturn.  Wherever Saturn energy shows, it will expose a situation where we will have to go it alone and that forces us to choose.  It is in the choice and the resulting outcome where Mercury rushes in with teaching and learning and links our perceptions of the situation to an experience that contributes to our faith or robs us of it.  That circle will continue until we learn what we can and cannot control, and when and where to surrender.  When limitations appear in our life, this is the energy of Saturn. These limitations are presented to us in such a way as to help us understand ourselves and to acquire new knowledge and experience by addressing them and finding resolution.


The energy of expansion, optimism and embracing the light in everything. Jupiter is the joy in our life and is that energy that everyone seems to wish that there was more of.  The essence of Jupiter lies in this web page as I attempt to share with you the ideas that have created joy in my own life. Giving and receiving are the energy of Jupiter – giving of ourselves in particular and sharing high vibration energy with others is why we are here.  Receiving from others allows them to share their love and joy. Unconditional giving and receiving is how the energy of love is open in the Universe – and is the true essence of all of life.  When your vibrations resonate with the vibrations of Jupiter you see life for the ultimate experience that it is and you inevitably tune into an awareness that anything is possible! However over-optimism and high expectations can dupe any one of us if we are not realistic.  Jupiter is all about faith in life. 


You know that person that you work with that has the most radical ideas and defies procedure to prove their point?  They are the mascot for Uranus energy – the true rebel.  We all experience this energy at one time or another. It comes through an awareness that something needs to change and you are ready to take the lead to see it happen.  The people who march in protest for a beloved cause are team Uranus, because the fight for something better and for the masses, is an expression of Uranus energy. The inventor and the invention is our link to Uranus.  It’s about the individual who does not buy into the collective norms and chooses a freedom to live and approach life independently – free of all support. The non-conformist who will stand naked before the world and make conscious choices to live free of societal constraint and express their individuality.


The journey to our inner self is not one that is easy for everyone.  Deep down inside of all of us is an awareness that there is much more to life than what is visible to our eye. That awareness is a link to consciousness and that awareness is conceived through an open perspective on existence.  Neptune energy needs to be dis-covered within and that doesn’t happen for everyone.  An open heart and an open mind to a force that is larger than us – and a knowing that the force is our source – is the key to resonating with Neptune energy.  Many will not make the connection in their current lifetime – and may take many lifetimes to do so. It is a vulnerable place and often takes courage to show up there. It is the spirit and soul connection and it is what opens us up to a world of true living – a life that is pure potential.  Neptunian events are mental and come to us through psychic disturbances, dreams, creative inspirations and an ability to dissolve the ego. Neptune is a vast dimension of inspiration and vision and it becomes apparent to anyone who understands the invisible. There are some who make a connection with Neptune energy through low vibration circumstances which can lead to mental disturbances, and walk the line between madness and sanity.


Pluto energy connects us to what is significant for us personally in life and our destiny. Driven by obscurity and insignificance, we all wish to be something.  We don’t want to just survive and we know that there is more to life than that. Dreams, visions and transformation come about through understanding the energy of Pluto.  Pluto has a crass way of reminding us that we are just pure energy – and our cellular community is no more special than the next.  Pluto is cold and portrays the void – where there is no meaning and where we are nothing.  To face Pluto is to be aware of the futility of life and in accepting the challenge to shape our subsistence, we are the mission to transform and to transcend the communal low vibrations of energy that haunt our existence. Fear, terror and the underlying power of the nightmares of our nations is invested in all of us. We embody that energy and it is up to us how we choose to deal with it.  An invisible virus changes a world overnight and you have the experience of Pluto.  Pluto represents the wisdom in each of us that makes us aware of the personal gift that we hold inside each of us, and that is waiting to be shared with the world.  The gift that helps to shape existence. Pluto invites Uranus to make its stand.


Chiron is actually an asteroid, however with the perspective of understanding the influence of planetary energy on our well-being, I acknowledge Chiron.  Chiron is the energy of the wounded healer and it is that force that compels us to make things right in our lives, once we become aware and tuned into the energetic imbalances that create challenges for us.  It is in resolving these challenges where we develop the skills and the will to connect with the healer within.  This could be when the limitations of Saturn show for us, and we explore our options toward resolving them.  Or when Pluto is asking us to step up and become the gift that we are for the world.

The elements within us come alive where the planets light up in our birth-charts. Each planet represents elemental energy that can help to create our own beautiful energy and light.

The energy of these planets is the gift that shapes our existence.  Each holds distinctive vibrations that are influenced by their placement in the stars – and that placement is unique to each of us. That is what makes you an amazing and special individual, worthy of the love of the universe and worthy of the love of YOU.