Planting Seeds

Here we are at the heart center! The fourth chakra is the energy of acceptance, connection, compassion and caring.

A plant is first chakra energy, and the shape of this plant energy shown in the photo is heart. Our physical energy (first chakra) shows up as energy that we are aligned with. Yes, some of it has to do with DNA but it is also influenced by how we feed it; not just what we eat, but how we feed our bodies through our emotions and care. I think this flower has a secret worth sharing! 🙂

Do you show your body acceptance, compassion and care? Do you connect with your physical self – or are you dis-connected? You know what “dis” is on its own – and many people find it easier to “diss” themselves than to love.

Air is the element connected to the fourth chakra, indicating expansion. Have you noticed how “expanded” you feel when you are deeply in love or very passionate about something? That is the energy I am talking about – when you are expanded you are sharing your love. You can’t help it because it becomes the essence of your third chakra energy and you project it in everything! And your body in turn responds to those high vibrations and you radiate that amazing energy!

Understanding the fourth chakra energy is complicated and there’s a lot more to it than I could even begin to shed a light on here. However I would like to suggest a couple of ideas that I believe may be worthy of reflecting on to plant some seeds:

  • the earth is suffering from lack of love and care / the illness of the earth seems to be reflected in the increasing illness that we are carrying in our bodies
  • trees are a gift of love from the earth to help us breathe and we are cutting them down
  • plants are a gift from the earth that feed us either directly or indirectly (through pollination) – what happens to the plants with the decline in bees that we are hearing about?
  • erratic weather patterns are like our inner storms – a sign that something has to give and perhaps a little TLC is in BIG order

The fourth energy teaches us to love ourselves so that we are compassionate and caring toward ourselves…..every bit of us, body, mind and spirit. It is only when we love ourselves and understand this that the healing energy of this chakra will influence the energy of our bodies, feelings, emotions. It is only then that we can utilize that energy to bring goodwill and unconditional loving energy to the world. To accept everyone and everything just the way they are – because they are a reflection of you and your ability to care.

Again, there’s so much more to this. The book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale has an amazing story about loving ourselves.

Getting in touch with the energy of the fourth chakra may be a challenge if you have been deeply hurt or find it difficult to trust. The heavy clouds looming over your rainbow may create very uncomfortable feelings around expressing this energy. When you don’t love yourself, then how can you give others something that you don’t have?

For anyone who wishes to, here are some activities for today:

  • do something for YOU today; something that you love and something that allows you to feel loved – make the time because you are worth it and acknowledging this is one of the challenges of balance in this chakra
  • do something that is soothing to your body, like a massage, yoga or meditation
  • get comfy with your journal and ask yourself “what are the things I love the most about me” ….let your mind become still and jot all of the words that come to mind in your journal
  • next make a list in your journal of all of the things that you do for others and perhaps what you love specifically about the special peeps in your life
  • now compare your list AND I hope that you are loving and doing as much for yourself as you are for others (it is the energy that we build through self compassion that is the easiest to grow and share)
  • consider sharing something with someone – sometimes a smile and laughter can be contagious and healing; sharing is caring
  • check out the book Zero Limits or see if you can find Joe Vitale on line and become acquainted with his ideas
  • wrap today up with some drawing – lets work on planting seeds in the center of the circle (just like the seeds in the center of the sunflower) that you drew at the beginning of this exercise; be creative and draw seeds of all shapes, sizes and colours. These are the seeds of all that you love and how you show love – and nurturing those seeds brings healthy balanced energy to light